It has to be more than simply making something new and unique. That's a definition, but it's not how we usually use the word. Typically, when we say someone is creative, there's some sort of value judgment involved. 

Can a chimp or computer be creative and create a masterpiece? or is that something only a human can do?

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creativity is boredom of the mind unleashing itself into something others find attractive.  

So, can a chimp or a computer be creative?

Was it intentional?

Then yes.

In that case, we can't know if something is creative, because we can't read other people's (or chimps', or computers') minds to examine if there was intent. Or at least we can't be sure.

So, you're saying that for something to be creative it has to be attractive. Can't someone create something repulsive? How about the art of HR Giger, for example? I think it's a stretch to think his work is, on the whole, attractive. Or can something be both attractive and repulsive at the same time (oxymoronic)?

I also asked if a chimp or a computer can be creative.

I meant to say attractive or interesting.  

Creative correlates to uniqueness.  

I clicked the link and immediately found it pretty interesting.  I am sure others find it repulsive. 

But it's still creative objectively speaking because it is unique.  

So, it's "creative" if it's a unique creation. That's a pretty trivial definition.

Chimps make unique things all the time, I suppose. They might take a stick and break it, for example. No other broken stick exactly like it. Is that creativity? 

I could program a computer to do something that's never been done before. Using a programming language and referring to some sort of lexicon, it might generate haikus. Some of them might even be interesting. Is the computer being creative?

but chimps do not make it with free will based intentions.  

Neither do humans. Free will is an illusion.

If you already knew the answer, why ask the question?

This doesn't mean we have 0% agency over our own thoughts and actions.  It just means we don't have the 100% agency traditionally thought.

Is the computer being creative?

No, that's your creativity being expressed through a computer program.


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