Are you a hedonist? The question is harder for me to answer about myself than I thought and it (somewhat) bothers me.

Here's a basic Wikipedia article for definition purposes:

Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good.[1] In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).

Christians would say it is "of satan" lol

For me, it poses a problem of selfishness. Is hedonism equivalent to selfishness? Or even psychopathy? How do you define "healthy hedonism" if there is such a thing?

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lol fuckin crazy - they think their PETS are going to heaven but still think non believers are going to hell.  WOW.  lol.

I don't mind being challenged I expect it here but what you are doing is different. It isn't challenging my beliefs by saying its a fairy tale. It's just rhetoric and it has no value. It sounds good in your mind.

What good does what you said do? What does it accomplish? I understand you think that but I don't so where does that leave us. It's troll bait and nothing more. When I have discussions with people I try and do it from their perspective. So when talk to Mormons I don't just bombard them with Joseph smith is a liar I challenge claims regarding theology. I try to have meaningful discussions not finger waving contests.

Hey Joshua, you said yourself that you try to argue from the other persons point of view, yes?  You used an example of Mormonism.  

Why not try the same with Atheist discussions?  Use logic, reasoning, evidence, proof, science to show that what you say 

1.)  Makes even a modicum of sense.

2.)  Can compete with empirically based and naturalistic worldviews for which there IS evidence for


Honestly, it seems you are just out of your league here.  There are some Christians that might be able to put up a fight against someone like Gallup's Mirror's cold, calculating vivisectioning of your arguments, but you are not even trying.  You're just showing annoyance when your points are responded too.  

Rule number one when debating in this Atheist forum.

EVERYTHING you post will be scrutinized and responded to by someone who has an issue with it's coherency.  

I understand and accept that what I write will be heavily scrutinized.

I wasn't proselytizing like I often am with Mormons. I wasn't trying to convince Gallup of anything. I was suggesting to Gallup (who appeared to be proselytizing to me) a better way to engage than intelectual bullying.

"Intellectual bullying"

Now that's a new term I've never heard of.

I see that you aren't outright ignoring Gallup but you like to throw in questions directed towards him. 

You also throw out passive aggressive accusations towards him that are fallaciously asked/stated.

Gallup isn't attacking you or trolling you.  It's important that you realize when atheists say your God is imaginary , we mean it 100%.  When we argue with Christians, we are arguing against their beliefs. 

Christians have a tendency to feel persecuted or offended when their beliefs are challenged.  The case is true with you as well because your responses are emotional, not rational. 

I don't feel persecuted. I just think gallups a jerk. Feel free to criticize.

My point is that saying I believe in fairy tales isn't productive. It's as productive as me getting on here and saying that all yall should just stop suppressing the truth and admit that God exists cause you all know it.

If all you want is to prove your right then sure it's productive but if you want a meaningful conversation it's does nothing to say I believe in fairy tales. How is Jesus a historical figure considered a fairy tale?

"My point is that saying I believe in fairy tales isn't productive. It's as productive as me getting on here and saying that all yall should just stop suppressing the truth and admit that God exists cause you all know it."

There is a difference here.  I doubt you actually believe Atheists "know God exists and is suppressing the truth"

However, Atheists DO actually believe that you believe in fairy tales.  We equate Santa Claus with Jesus.  There is as much evidence for the supernatural claims of Jesus as there is for Super-man.  

It sounds like you get upset when someone says you believe in fairy tales.  Do you get upset by it?  

"How is Jesus a historical figure considered a fairy tale?"

Joshua, honestly.  Your questions are so out there that I have a difficult time respecting them.  Am I actually to believe you misunderstand atheists positions so much that we are labeling your belief in a historical Jesus a fairy tale?

No No No, we are labeling all the EXTRA magical and mystical stuff as fairy tales.  

"Historical Jesus" - NOT fairy tale

"A 2000 year old Jew who performed banal miracles such as turning water into wine or walking on water or feeding a group of 5,000 with some fish and bread instead of making ALL crop fields in the world grow healthy so as to feed millions." - YES a fairy tale.  

I don't feel persecuted. I just think gallups a jerk. Feel free to criticize.

I used to feel GM's a jerk sometimes, but not so much any more. I don't know what changed! (Him and/or me.) Anyway I appreciate the good stuff he deposits here. I also agree that religion relies mostly on fairy tale, but I find other ways to say that to religious people... hopefully in an empathetic way that makes them reconsider their position.

We each bring our own method and creativity to the table, and we often have different goals or reasons for expressing ourselves. Kumbaya and all that, or not (ymmv). Right now for some reason, I'm at a loss for words wrt how the hell I can respectfully address JW or Jihadist fairy tales, and in fact I'm angry enough to hope we can blow Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and the likes of them off the planet, as long as it doesn't harm innocents around them. Let them eat shit and die in the hells they impose on other human beings, in the name of whatever fairy god they have faith in (just because their local culture believes it).

I've seen it where Jesus can be like a drug, and I can understand why:  there's something real there that is potent and intoxicating. 

Sounds like the usual handing over of credit to god that is abound in Christianity. Pride goeth before  a fall sure, but you can't fall if you never get up off your knees and walk either. Human Scientists have all but cured polio. The reason it's still around is because Religious (in this case Muslim) extremists warn against the vaccine which allows the virus to mutate and survive. Human Scientists landed on the moon, Human Science has made soiled sewer water drinkable again for millions of people. And it is still poisonous in the parts of the world who rely only on god to make things right for people. Science not only performs the miraculous, it tells you how it was done. Why not take pride in these human accomplishments.


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