Back story: A student in my grade (I am currently a sophomore in high school) came in to my study hall. At the time I was walking to the front of the room to get something. He took his water bottle, poured water into his hand, and threw it into my face, saying "I now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Spirit." He is a Catholic zealot, for lack of better word, and is usually fairly intelligent. This action was offending at first, but now I just have to laugh at the complete stupidity of it. What do you, forum, think of this?

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Sounds like he has mental illness issues.

I never quite understood the need for a pointless ritual, but religion is full of pointless rituals. I wonder how he has magic powers to make the water speshul and magical though..

Sounds like assault to me.

Absolutely. Throwing liquids at people in this sort of context is scary, because you don't know what it is. Some of the acid attacks in places like Pakistan are absolutely horrendous, and it was water this time, but what next?

I agree.

@John Leach

Did he know you're an atheist? If so, he could have been making a joke or he could have been making a statement.

Either way, I hope you beat him to a pulp.

Just kidding! Do you think he was making a joke or statement? If so, which one?

He did know I am an atheist. He was making a joke. A horribly sad, idiotic joke, but a joke. 

"I'm the one who drives by Hebrew schools baptizing kids with a super-soaker filled with garlic water!" - Stan Smith, American Dad

Was he serious about it or was he laughing and joking?  Cause when I was a Christian, sometimes we'd joke about doing "drive by baptisms" with water guns, but only as a joke and to make fun of fundies.  We also never actually did it.

Personally I would of collapsed to the floor and pretended to have a siezure. Other than that, I think it is soooooo far beyond wrong this student should be punished in some way.

He is being punished - he is still a Catholic. Surely that is torture enough??

I would say he was either joking or has mental issues.  Not sure how he could be 'Catholic', or at least know anything about the religion.... Catholics don't baptize "in the name of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy spirit"; they baptize "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit", for one thing.


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