should it be banned?

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You'd need unanimous approval by all 192 states in the UN. Good luck.

Use of capital punishment by nation



  Abolished for all crimes
  Abolished for crimes not committed in exceptional circumstances (such as crimes committed in time of war)
  Abolished in practice
  Legal form of punishment
Depending on the country, it can apply to war crimes, genocide, mutiny, espionage,  desertion, or even terrorism (some jurisdictions consider it as 'a criminal act of war' rather than just 'a crime'.)
Seconded. Being from the US and coming from a relatively politically conservative family, I grew up with blood thirst. I no longer understand it as a form of punishment. I get assassination, but maybe that's a hold over that will fade into the future waste bin as well.
I don't want it to happen to me.

I would much rather be killed than spend the rest of my life in prison with no chance of parole. 





Even if you're innocent?

Not sure.  I'm just saying hypothetically - If I was given the option of death or life in prison, I would choose death.  


If I was innocent I guess I would want to fight and try to prove my innocence.  But no Jury would think an Atheist didn't commit the crime : (





There is certainly a debate to be had over whether life imprisonment is a harsher punishment then the death penalty.  I myself have read many testimonies of family members of victims involved in capital cases where a death penalty was not reached who still felt "satisfied" with life imprisonment as opposed to execution for the defendant.

Doesn't that say something about the rationality of a family towards one of their members who were convicted of such a crime as to receive the death penalty?  


They can't ALL be innocent.  But perhaps the families say "Not MY johnny boy !  He wouldn't hurt a fly! I know he is innocent!"  



I would think they say something more like: "I'm so grateful I still get to see my father/husband/brother/son. I hope he never gets executed."


Having to go through something like this, to know someone close to you is going to be executed, and just count the days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds... that's what hell must really be like. Not to mention how it will be like to actually wait to be executed yourself; it would be easier to give them a gun, a few bullets and let them do it themselves when they're ready. But no, that way they're going to hell, right?


You know, not everyone who gets the death penalty is a monster in every way possible. People can still be attached to them and feel sorry for them, even if they are 100% guilty.


I don't think this barbaric act should go on anymore. If people want to die, they can get pretty creative, even in prison.

Nobody gives you an option whether you want to stay alive or not. Others decide for you, whether you're innocent or not.


Yes, I would not want to live to serve a life sentence either, but there are other things involved.


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