I recently heard a discussion on christian radio about a person calling him or herself and atheist. The gist is that to call yourself what is essentially a negative, discounts your ethos. People in sobriety do not call themselves "non-drunks" but the more positive and self-affirming "sober". So, the question is, what do you call yourself and why? Personally, I refer to myself as an Evangelical Atheist because I am actively expressing my position and am always willing to join a religious conversation to expound the Atheist point of view. My wife, on the other hand, prefers nontheist. Whether there is a god or not, she could hardly care less and gives neither side any thought.

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I know, William. Trying to save the planet from itself is really hard, and sometimes depressing, work.

labels are useless and lead to prejudice. I can myself a satan loving islamic terrorist atheist to see how dumb people really get. And yes they come that dumb.

ps i just use atheist...it's easier

The last label I used was "non-believer". It was on a site of a woman who pushes her religion. I mentioned that I am also a volunteer for Secours Catholique here in France. I said I respect Christians who attempt to live a Christ-like life but have little respect for religious fundamentalists. I got a positive response. In this case, I needed to identify myself.

Carol. We come into this world innocent and vulnerable. We have different pressures, especially from family. It takes awhile to be able to be whom we really are.


On occasion, I have replied that of course I believe in Zeus - with a smile. (And prepared to accuse the other of being an Atheist if he didn't believe in Zeus.)

Zeus? Zeus!  What's wrong with you?  It's THORS DAY!

I've begun the study of one god each week.  I like to know who I don't believe in.


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