This morning, Europe was hit with yet another dreadful terror attack, this time in Brussels. ISIS is claiming responsibility. 

Many Americans would say that Europe's very liberal immigration policies vis a vis Muslims is partly to blame, and then the failure of European countries to integrate those Muslims into European society is another major reason, resulting in a generation of young Muslim men who are unemployed, idle, and resentful in lands where the feel they are trapped and have no future.

By contrast, the US's stricter immigration policies have kept a lot of potential terrorists out, and most American Muslims are relatively well-integrated into society as doctors, engineers, and other professionals, or at least as shopkeepers and taxi drivers earning a decent living and with prospects for the future.

Did Europe bring these terror attacks on itself? 

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This is a pretty good article about the predicament Belgium and the EU have gotten themselves into. One of the main points is that the EU has to become a de facto "state" if not one de jure, so that it can address the radical Muslim issue in a unified manner with borderless intelligence and legal enforcement.

Since the end of the Cold War, European leaders have convinced themselves that there’s no need to invest in security because all major world conflicts have been resolved. They are done with history, all that remains is to perfect the welfare state. The truth is that Europe faces not just the threat of terrorism, but a kind of simmering insurgency. And there are no easy, or perhaps even tolerable, solutions.

One way or another, Europe will have to confront a question it has been avoiding for more than a generation: is the EU a state, or not? If so, it must begin acting like one, with all the attendant coordination of security services and immigration policies you would expect from a large state. If not, then individual European countries will have to figure out how to deal with what amounts to radical Islamic insurgencies in their cities.

That is something to fear, and not just because of terrorism itself. Europe has a long and bloody history of putting down insurgencies, and it would be a grave mistake for Europe’s leaders to assume they couldn’t repeat that past.

Brussels attacks: The 'shocking incompetence' of Europe

According to US security experts, the attacks in Brussels have exposed the catastrophic deficiencies of European security policy. They are calling for radical changes. Gero Schliess reports from Washington.

Full article here.

Belgian security is so bad it's actually a threat to Britain

The Brussels attacks have revealed the staggering incompetence of European intelligence. How can anyone say we're safer in the EU?

Full article here.

Not followed US foreign policy.

Or perhaps they should have followed US immigration policy, which makes it rather difficult to get in and vets each individual separately and makes reasonably sure they will be able to support themselves before being allowed to stay.


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