This morning, Europe was hit with yet another dreadful terror attack, this time in Brussels. ISIS is claiming responsibility. 

Many Americans would say that Europe's very liberal immigration policies vis a vis Muslims is partly to blame, and then the failure of European countries to integrate those Muslims into European society is another major reason, resulting in a generation of young Muslim men who are unemployed, idle, and resentful in lands where the feel they are trapped and have no future.

By contrast, the US's stricter immigration policies have kept a lot of potential terrorists out, and most American Muslims are relatively well-integrated into society as doctors, engineers, and other professionals, or at least as shopkeepers and taxi drivers earning a decent living and with prospects for the future.

Did Europe bring these terror attacks on itself? 

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The EU has one fundamental problem that has contributed to the situation, and that is the absence of some sort of overarching EU-wide police agency like we in the US have in the FBI. There is no central command with total access to the terrorism data held by the member EU states whose policing agencies seem to be very territorial. 

I think speaking out and acting against religious and other oppression may work best, in the long run.

Speaking out against religion will be depicted as anti-religious bigotry. Come on, you know that!

True, but for some reason today I'm not seeing much downside to we as relatively free nations insisting on freedom of religion, as in government staying out of it.

Seven of the attackers in Paris were European nationals who had trained with ISIS in Syria.

Yet in the United States, the threat from returning foreign fighters remains quite limited. According to FBI Director James Comey, 250 Americans have gone or attempted to go to Syria. This figure is far fewer than the estimated 6,900 who have traveled or attempted to travel to Syria from Western nations as a whole -- mostly from Europe. (from the CNN website)

They were just discussing on CNN some of the differences between American and European intelligence services. 

Here in the US, if you buy large quantities of bomb making materials like hydrogen peroxide or acetone, you will get a call or visit from the FBI. In European countries, they haven't even started tracking purchases of such materials.

Also, American intelligence officials have been appalled to discover that European countries don't maintain ongoing records on individuals who come to their attention, but often wipe the files after a few years. The FBI and CIA know that information collected 5, 10, 20 years ago or even longer can turn out to be key in solving crimes or uncovering terror plots.

Better assimilation to the society. Look at the difference between American and European Muslims. American Muslims are much more assimilated to the country than European Muslims are to their country. A lot of that has to do with US history of getting floods of immigrants all throughout its history and literally being able to come here and find a job. Europeans are more of a homogeneous society, with each their own language, culture, and ethnicity. Europeans seemed to be more reluctant to "melting pot" scenario. It creates the biggest problem, which is financial opportunity for immigrants, one of the top reasons why these immigrants are coming to Europe for. 

“In Europe, pockets of Muslims are isolated by country of origin, which hampers integration. That keeps Islamic identity tied to a home country and so the community is more insular. The umbilical cord is still there,” says Shahed Amanullah, who has worked as a senior adviser at the U.S. Department of State on issues surrounding Muslim youth around the world. “In America, no one group that dominates. It’s not an affinity-based community but a value-based community

Muslim Americans mirror the optimism of many American communities: Nearly three-quarters surveyed believe that most people can get ahead if they work hard, according to a comprehensive Pew Research study on Muslim American demographics and attitudes. And they are as likely as the general American population to report household incomes of $100,000 or more (14 percent of Muslims, compared with 16 percent of all adults). They are generally satisfied with their economic lot in life: 46 percent said they were in excellent or good shape financially, compared with 38 percent of the general public who said the same. And they’re almost as likely as the general public to have graduated from college (26 percent of Muslims vs. 28 percent of the general public.)

Contrast that with the economic situation of France’s Muslims, who suffer from a lack of education and employment opportunities. While data based on religious identity can be hard to come by in France because of the country’s prohibition on collecting data on its citizens’ race or religion, France’s national statistical agency found that in 2013, the unemployment rate for all immigrants was at 17.3 percent, almost double the nonimmigrant rate of 9.7 percent. A Stanford study concluded that a Christian citizen in France is two-and-a-half times more likely than a Muslim citizen with the same qualifications to get called for a job interview.

“Our data found that Muslims in the U.S. are employed and educated at very similar levels to the general population,” says Alan Cooperman, director of religion research at Pew. “In Western Europe, Muslims tend to lag the overall population in socioeconomic status.”

Europeans and Brits tend smugly to think of the US as the country with a race problem. 

It should have been sobering for them to see America elect a black President with an African name while they are a long way from electing a black or a person with a non-European name to any of their highest offices. 

(raises hand) I know I know! Let's build a WALL...and have the TERRORISTS pay for it!


That'll teach 'em

Yes! I am now presidential material!

Vote for me!


U.S. Officials Bash ‘Shitty’ Belgian Security Forces

A senior U.S. intelligence officer likened the Belgian security forces to “children.”

“It’s really shitty tradecraft,” the agent told The Daily Beast.

Brussels has become a hotbed of terrorism—concentrated in the Molenbeek district near the city center—and yet the Belgians have made little progress in disrupting a network of violent extremists linked to last year’s Paris attacks that killed 130 people.

Even before the arrest last week in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, a suspected terrorist behind the Paris attack, there were worries among many U.S. counterterrorism officials of an attack in Belgium. The Belgian authorities had long struggled to resource a counterterrorism campaign. At the same time, it ostracized its burgeoning minority communities, creating isolated enclaves like Molenbeek where potential jihadists could easily hide. (source)

Yes. I guess the Belgian intelligence service could have taken some fine useful lectures from the CIA ... you know ... the guys who didn't uncover a major decade long operation carried out by dozens of people infiltrating flight schools and airlines, from different countries pulling off nothing less than knocking down two skyscrapers in New York and the pentagon ... with full passenger jets.

Maybe the US can offer little countries a "how to spy on every single cell phone call everyone makes class and a send vaguely suspected terorists to long term cuban torture dungeons seminar and how to find non-existing weapons of mass distruction in the middle east" class. Master-spying 101 they can call it. Maybe charge a meere 1,000,000 a student considering the enormous budgets the secret service of small countries has.

Laugh my fucking ass off

Easy for you to say: You weren't at the airport or train station during the attacks.

Every security service has had and will have failures and 9/11 was simply unforeseen because there had never been an attack like that before. But there hasn't been a 9/11 or even Paris/Brussels scale attack in the US since 9/11. 

The question is did the Europeans learn much from 9/11? No!

The EU won't be taking the terror threat seriously until they set aside national jealousies and start thinking of the EU as a nation with its own overarching CIA- and FBI-like agencies to collect and process data as if national borders in the EU don't exist. Right now it's easier for a terrorist to cross an EU border than it is for intelligence to do so.

Being a wise-aleck won't solve your terror problems.

Let's turn it around: What is your analysis of what went wrong in the EU that's allowed these attacks to take place?


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