This morning, Europe was hit with yet another dreadful terror attack, this time in Brussels. ISIS is claiming responsibility. 

Many Americans would say that Europe's very liberal immigration policies vis a vis Muslims is partly to blame, and then the failure of European countries to integrate those Muslims into European society is another major reason, resulting in a generation of young Muslim men who are unemployed, idle, and resentful in lands where the feel they are trapped and have no future.

By contrast, the US's stricter immigration policies have kept a lot of potential terrorists out, and most American Muslims are relatively well-integrated into society as doctors, engineers, and other professionals, or at least as shopkeepers and taxi drivers earning a decent living and with prospects for the future.

Did Europe bring these terror attacks on itself? 

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I read the article but still don't understand what you're saying. How is this different from the USA?

You can ignore this paragraph if I'm asking nonsensical questions. It seems to me that Muslims in the USA are different, but is it because of different USA policies and understandings? Are EU countries more tolerant or less tolerant of Islamic practices, and what would "successfully understanding" their incompatibility with secularism accomplish? Is the USA experience more successful because it's more overtly Christian?

The US does not make it easy to immigrate. You need a sponsor and some sort of proof you're not going to end up on the dole. As a result, we tend to get more secular Muslims to start with. Muslims are more integrated into daily life here. Muslimized communities are very rare here. Muslim ghettos pretty much nonexistent.

Ah, thanks, I actually didn't know that. Even though my ex is Japanese, I only heard about how it's "too easy" to get into USA, and had no clue it's easier in EU.

Right wingers who basically don't want any non-lily white immigrants will say it's too easy for (especially dark-skinned) people to get in, but no one gets in without a citizen sponsor, without being vetted, and without some indication of how they will support themselves.

Another idea is to utilize tests and technology to weed out persons who are most apt to become terrorists. It would involve both written/oral tests intended to ascertain attitudes towards matters on which terrorists agree or are precursors to becoming terrorists. Technology part would utilize at a minimum face reading technology.

And those who do not pass do not enter.

Carpet bomb all Middle East, and because i know they wont turn into atheists, mass conversions to cristianity or some weak religion.

Go carpet bomb the psychotic sociopathic part of your brain and rethink this.

Ok, i already rethink, what about this, give hugs to all the muslims in the world, promise cookies and a lot of sugary things if they behave well, and let the west change their culture, traditions, religion, etc etc, im totally sure they will agree.

Carpet bombing can do that to you.

+ a sassy fat laughing hippo

IS trains 400 fighters to attack Europe in wave of bloodshed

Europe's liberal immigration policies seem to have let something of a Trojan Horse in the door. 

I do think the impulse had somewhat of a good basis: to atone for centuries of colonial oppression and exploitation of non-Christian peoples. 


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