I am curious....just to get other people's point of view...

What are your favorite news sources? Whether it's a certain news paper, show, (radio or otherwise), blog or website, monthly subscription...

AND....what makes it your favorite? How do you know your source is legit?

I'm hoping you all will share as many as possible...

Thanks :-)

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Fox News when I want a laugh

NSMBC when I want a little partisanship with my news. You go Ratchel

NPR for in death reporting.

Time and the Nation mags.

Two daily newspapers

Huff Post

Yes, I,m a news junkie.


Recently I prefer podcasts at night. Five minutes of NPR's hourly news, and one or two episodes of BBC Global News that last up to 30 minutes each. I choose which BBC episodes to listen to based mostly on the headlines quoted in each podcast's description, then I can fast forward through stories I'm less interested in.

I don't really get much from NPR other than a quick summary of what they think the headlines should be, so it gives me a shallow perception of what's considered important for the day. I get a lot out of BBC Global News because their stories go deeper, e.g. five to fifteen minutes or so per story, depending on what they've gathered from one or more of their field reporters. In interviews, BBC pushes their questions harder than US media does, sometimes to a fault, but I like that they try harder to get answers to their questions rather than just accept whatever the responder says and then move on to the next unproductive question.

I think my time is two or three times more productive that way, because no commercials (of course), but I'm also not forcing myself to listen to the same stories repeatedly, unless I can hear interesting differences in how one story is covered or how it unfolds. I usually like their daily mix of "top story" topics vs in-depth journalism. (BBC Global News podcast comes out twice a day.)

I might as well recommend a podcast player I really like for Android, Podcast Addict (paid version). I started out with the free version, which was feature-rich enough for me for a while. And here's the BBC Global News podcast link to use (for most podcast players).

PBS. They haven't lost self-respect like the other networks and fallen prey into reporting entertainment gossip and videos of cats as news. BBC because I think it's good to have a news source outside of the US, especially on international matters.


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