Westboro baptist church is coming to OSU on Monday to picket our ceremony of our coaches deaths. Obviously very very rude of them I just want to know what you all would do in my situation. I want to meet Westboro head on and get condemned to hell by them. But I also don't know if that's a good idea at all for the sanctity of the memorial. How should I approach this?

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The main reason the WBC are protesting is because they say that our coaches taught our players sin. And this plane crash was god's way of getting back at our faculty for teaching sin.... I don't understand how basketball = sin... I mean, I know a few players and they're certainly sinful, but the coaches don't teach them that, the freshmen girls on campus lead them to sin hahaha. 

Yeah, and I don't understand how plane crash = divine revenge. Does Phelps think anyone escapes death? Oh right, anyone dying is because of sin, otherwise we would live forever, right? What is anyone 'getting because of sin' that he won't be getting himself? I mean this man won't even let synapses fire in his own head for the sake of religion. What a worthless life.

That second to last sentence is a beautiful one.

I have some great news. Fortunately, WBC are NOT going to be protesting the memorial. They have received enough threats that they aren't going to come. I have to say I'm a little upset I couldn't Hitchslap those asses but I'm so glad the ceremony will go one without those evil scum ruining our memorial of two beloved faculty.


So good to hear!

Honey, I'm so sorry that those clowns are slinking into town. Reverend Fred and

the Church of the Inbred would not change their beliefs. They are a cult. There

was a special on PBS about them. The only good thing mentioned on the show

was that there were many cult members who had left. Eventually, they will either

leave or die off. Sad, but they're of the same kind of folks who died in Waco

or in the jungles with Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate, etc. The best way to deal with

them is to ignore them.                                          Heathern Mary

I get that what they are doing is completely rude and disrespectful but ridiculing or belittling them will only make it worse.  


I agree with standing up for yourself but it doesn't have to involve pushing others down while you do it.  For the most part, aggression just leads to more aggression (whether its verbal or physical) and if you become loud and arrogant with them they will just get louder and more arrogant with you.  

If you must confront them I would suggest doing it in a way to create discussion if it doesn't work don't take it personally.  Sometimes ignoring is the best thing with these types of groups.  Reactions to them usually leads them to react louder back at you.  

I personally don't think that its worth it while they are picketing considering they will spout the same things that we see in all the youtube videos and documentaries that feature them.  

My suggestion is to ignore :)

oops.  Just read your comment that they are not attending.  Thats good news :D

Picket THEM!



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