Westboro baptist church is coming to OSU on Monday to picket our ceremony of our coaches deaths. Obviously very very rude of them I just want to know what you all would do in my situation. I want to meet Westboro head on and get condemned to hell by them. But I also don't know if that's a good idea at all for the sanctity of the memorial. How should I approach this?

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Ridicule or a humorous mocking approach works best with WBC. Make them an object of ridicule and it takes what little sting there is left in their message right out.
It also helps if you can get enough people together to basically drown them out...be warned though, WBC will sue your ass for every penny if you give them the opportunity. Keep it safe, keep it non-confrontational and non-aggressive...you'll be fine.

I've seen Bible quotes used quite effectively against them as well, but that needs research...you may not have time.

Just bear in mind that WBC are the most amazingly proficient trolls in the western world and if they provoke a reaction from you, they've won (in their mind at least)

Ignore them during the memorial, you'll probably get the chance to confront them after. If you let them disrupt the memorial, you're giving them power blah blah blah....But its true. Show them how insignificant they are.

These people are their own worst enemy. They do these events to provoke people into protesting and attacking them. To do so just gives them what they want. What they do is so repugnant that even the majority of christians think they are crazy nut jobs. Let them spew their hate and use it as evidence later on how following religion strictly is immoral. Maybe it will get some christians even if only a few to see how illogical religion is.

But a totally charming idea, Rich.


Smartass signs and a high tolerance of idiocy.

Do something similar to the Patriot Guard Riders.  They would attend the funerals of fallen veterans to basically shelter and protect the deceased's family from having to deal with the WBC protestors.  Be that wall in between those WBC picketers and those attending the memorial.


More importantly, don't do anything that is going to give them any more publicity than they may already get.  That's what they thrive on.

You can have a judge issue an order keeping them a certain distance from the ceremony. You can also have some picketers of your own with signs: GOD HATES HATERS; IF YOU'RE WEARING POLYESTER BLEND, YOU WILL BE STONED; I'M COVETING YOUR GOODS. 

They will definitely cause a problem, but as below, remain calm and nonviolent.

They are obviously going to be here tomorrow. The memorial starts at 1:30 p.m. so I guess we'll see what happens. It is widely known throughout campus that WBC will be here. 23,000 students all very passionate about the coaches and I'm sure it will be an exciting event to watch. I'm glad I am here to witness it. I will try to update you all as consistently as possible about it. 

Very sorry to hear.


And infuriating that these parasites are coming to protest. What's their particular reason for coming? Was there something particular about the coaches they are protesting about? Does WBC even know if the people's memorials they are protesting are 'christians' or not?

As many people get arrested for 'disturbing the peace' for far less things, I do not see how these idiots don't get arrested. Not that I disagree with freedom of speech, but it just sort of surprises me this hasn't happened yet to them looking at a case by case basis of other events.

Hopefully with as many people on campus that are grieving the loss, they can overwhelm these wastes-of-space and keep them far away from the ceremony. With 23,000 people + family and friends potentially coming, it sounds like maybe they won't get anywhere. It'd be nice to hear of a massive swarm of people close in around closely from in front and behind them and just stand there... and then see what they do.

I know you will be there taking the time honoring these coaches, but please keep us informed, obviously a lot of people here will be thinking about you and your ceremony.

I cant wait to see the Phelp's funeral. I don't care if its 3 days by horseback in Bulgaria, I'll be there.


If only they sold mega cans of RAID for these types of problems....


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