We seem to encourage prison rape as a justifiable punishment

So me and a friend had a discussion about prison and it occurred to me that prison rape seems to be, "A-OK!" or "Don't DROP THE SOAP!" Sure its funny as a laugh and as a joke but the reality of it is NOT funny!


If someone was to ever joke about raping a woman in order to "teach her a lesson", or to encourage it as part of her pennance for commiting a crime what do you think would happen?

Why the disconnect?


To recap, it is socially acceptable and funny that someone locked up is going to get raped.


What the fuck?



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Complementary, I promise. 

@ Kasu


"What is your opinion about this documentary that was posted earlier in this thread?
Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars"


I didn't watch the whole thing but most of it. For the most part it was true to "prison life." If a convict preys on too many "girly white boys" they will receive the predator label and be subject to removal from general population and isolated in a cell. So they have to be shrewd about their rapes. Many threaten and intimidate their victims if they think about reporting to staff. The Prison Rape Enforcement Act is a big deal. And it involves a lot of man hours, investigations, and paperwork to try and sort things out. The amount of paperwork placed upon prison staff today is amazing and extremely burdensome. Everything has to be documented as far as all inmate activity. It is a necessary evil unfortunately. But good documentation can cover your butt if you ever find yourself in court on a malicious and unfounded inmate accusation.





In the state of Ohio there is absolutely NO quarantine of HIV inmates. As a matter of fact, due to the HIPPA Law they cannot even be treated or house any differently in any way that would even suggest that there is anything wrong or different about them. The only time they are sequestered is when they have end-stage AIDS and that is for their protection to keep them away from others who may be potentially contagious since the AIDS patient (inmate) has no immune system by that time. There are laws that if an HIV+ person knowingly engages in a sex act with a person who is unaware of their condition, the HIV+ person can be presecuted. But what do they really care at that point?


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