We seem to encourage prison rape as a justifiable punishment

So me and a friend had a discussion about prison and it occurred to me that prison rape seems to be, "A-OK!" or "Don't DROP THE SOAP!" Sure its funny as a laugh and as a joke but the reality of it is NOT funny!


If someone was to ever joke about raping a woman in order to "teach her a lesson", or to encourage it as part of her pennance for commiting a crime what do you think would happen?

Why the disconnect?


To recap, it is socially acceptable and funny that someone locked up is going to get raped.


What the fuck?



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In the heat of the moment, in warm blood, how do those people think they've got any rights?  Even in cold blood, I would get that **** if I could.




Someone proudly told me once that they would never do what I did and called me just as bad as the monsters, while at the same time admitting they'd never been in the situation. Too bad it was an online forum, because I desperately wanted to break their jaw. Instead, I posted a message that got me suspended for two weeks, though I found out the person who provoked me had also been suspended for a month (apparently his post touched one of the owners personally, and not in a good way).

That person sounds like an insulting idiot. 

If it's just a matter of twisting off their head then isn't it just as easy for them to twist off yours?  What if, rather than twisting off your head, they just dislocate your elbows and then do whatever they want to you?

I'd like to take you to dinner.

Will you be leaving my elbows intact?

It was my elbows that I presumed would be in danger. I probably shouldn't presume so much.

Well sure it's just as easy but if my head is twisted off then I'm probably dead or some variation of comatose, in which case... well, I don't know where "necrophiliac sodomy" falls in the books but he'd probably realize that he's dealing with at the very least attempted murder to start off with, at which point he'd prolly need to re-evaluate some things before proceeding. Because you can't just go around snapping people's necks all willy-nilly and get off scot-free.

With the dislocated elbows, we're talking about multiple internal injuries, not just bruising and tearing (not that internal bruising and tearing isn't horribly painful), not to mention the fact that if I'm the victim in this scenario... okay, I'm a guy so the assailant's options are limited to 1) anal rape or 2) oral rape (tell me if I'm forgetting any orifices) and with the latter he would have to knock my teeth out to prevent me from incurring harm. That about narrows it down. So in the unlikely event that I was walking down a dark alley or something, and alone, and someone has managed to take me off guard, and somehow dislocate BOTH of my elbows (because apparently he's some kind of friggin Shaolin master) and I'm for whatever reason I'm sure you could invent also unable to use my legs (... seems like I would have used them first, but) meaning this person was also able to turn me over, and for whatever reason there's no one within shouting distance, and that the assailant was a) probably gay. Like hardcore gay, because I'm pretty manly-looking or b) had a rrrrreally good imagination and kept his eyes closed, and/or c) was even able to achieve an erection (assuming this is a "he" and not one of those broken off broomstick deals) when faced with a flailing, roaring, head-butting, bleeding-from-the-mouth... okay this is, no. Just no. The likelihood of this, the effort required, I'm sorry I just can't see it happening. Of course I also can't say for sure (because maybe this is the bad guy from Saw we're talking about) so if it happened, I don't know, I guess I'd do whatever T.E. Lawrence did.

Every single day there is a man somewhere who gets beaten to the point of no longer being able to call out or crawl away.  I am willing to bet a good amount that some of them are just as 'tough' as you.  Occasionally one of these men is raped, and there isn't a damn thing he could have done about it.  As I said in my first post here, almost every single man I've ever spoken with on this topic is simply unable to accept that this is a fact, and they are as vulnerable to such an attack as just about any other man - and the perpetrators are almost certainly not Shao-lin masters.

Beaten to the point of no longer being able to call out or crawl away... so, unconscious. Well, you could have mentioned that, would have saved us a lot of time. I'm gonna change my answer to "get raped." I think that's logically safe to deduce. Soooo what happens now? That had to have been the answer you were looking for, but since it's so easy to answer I have to ask why you would ask it in the first place? That's kinda like asking someone what they would do if they got tortured and couldn't stop it. "Umm... get tortured?"

Well, let's review then, shall we:


I said, "I watched a documentary on this and it is extremely disturbing.  Part of the problem seems to be that there isn't a single man who can comprehend that he would ever be raped before giving his life."


You replied, "the only way I can currently conceive not trying to kill someone who's attempting to brutally stick something into your person is if you don't really want to kill them."


So here we are, after lengthy discussion, and you can now conceive of a way that it could go down without you trying to kill them.

Yeah, I said "not trying to". Key word there's trying. So I thought you wanted a list or something, and I just said to myself "What would Batman do?" Once we removed the possibility of trying from the equation, the answer was obvious.

Well like I said I can't say for sure. I've been taken down by bigger guys than me in training and there's a point where you're pinned down where you realize "This guy's exerting a lot of effort to hold me down. If he were actually trying to kill me? Well I'd probably do this or that." Maybe that's man-logic. I don't know. It's like saying "WHAT IF... a bear's attacking you, what do you do?" Well... fucking duh, the same thing anyone would do. What I can with what I have to work with. As for the end result of those actions? How should I know, what am I psychic? Maybe I get mauled by a bear, maybe I punch it in its nose and escape and appear on Animal Planet's "I Shouldn't Be Alive".


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