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It suddenly hit me that Valentine's day is somewhat a Christian thing. In US this day is called mostly Valentine's day but for those that don't know or simply forgot it's actually Saint Valentine's Day. Check this link from Wikipedia about the history of this red 'holiday'. Valentine's day started as a celebration for a couple of Christian martyrs. But, with the coming of courtly love, it eventually evolved into what we know today. I personally find this 'holiday' as pure non-sense. I think it's absurd to designate a single day of the year to express our love. Besides, it has become a day for flower, candy, and jewelry stores to justify selling more junk that we don't need. But, as an atheist I don't know how to approach this 'holiday', since it seems to have lost its religious baggage along the way (or has it?) What do you guys think?

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As silly as it seems to some of us... it's also a sure fire way to be sleeping rather lonely if you forget it. I don't think hardly anyone bothers to worry about what faith has to do with the holiday because they are more worried about getting some. So I guess the best way to approach it is to try an have some fun with it if you can.

Just have fun with it, I guess. I always hated having Valentines day as a birthday because of all the lovey dovey people buying into that stuff. But now I just celebrate my birthday and use it as an excuse to eat cake with the bf and keep the relationship fresh in a distinctly unchristian way if you know what I mean ;)  

I'm sorry, but as an Athiest, I don't see a point in trying to go about holiday's any different now than 15 years ago before I even became agnositc.

I was raised by my mom, who was christian, but she was raised by her mother who was catholic and raised by strict catholic traditions.  None in my family have ever implied any religious undertone to any holiday. They raised me to think of each holiday as being about the people we share it with and nothing more. We did not say any grace or prayer at Thanksgiving or Christmas. We did not set food on our back step for the dead on Halloween, nor do we sing the national anthem or say the pledge of allegiance on the 4th of July. My family doesn't even go to a Sunday church service for Easter, nor have they ever done so in my life time. We do however have a nice Easter lunch with the extended family where most of the kids wine and complain that they would rather be at home eating their candy.

To me, how I was raised, holidays are about the people in our lives and nothing more.

My philosophy is celebrate what ever the hell you want, when ever you want, and screw those who don't like it.

To be against something simply because its religious in origin is as ignorant and shallow as being for something simply because its religious.

There are alot better arguments against Valentines Day if you really dont want to participate.

Hmmmmm.... I don't recall having say that I was against it because it was religious. I thought I made a point in saying that it was highly commercialize and I dislike that about it. Also, as I wrote before, "I think it's absurd to designate a single day of the year to express our love."  Instead I found it curious that Valentine's Day beginnings were on behalf of Christian martyrs, but this fact rarely comes up. In my opinion the moment you add cupid to the equation anything Christian in it goes straight down pagan (but let's not argue about how much pagan elements there are in Christianity, at least not in this discussion). I normally try to DO something especial for this day, instead of BUYING something. Anyway, thanks for your input and HAPPY ST. VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE.

Yea not a direct response to something you said. Just a general rule of thumb when discussing origins of holidays since it eventually leads down that road. And pagan is a religion no different to me then xians so no argument there.

I agree, but pagans seem to have way more fun than Christians. 

I don't really view Valentine's Day as a religious holiday, with how materialistic and corporate it has become. While it may have religious history, I don't see any reason not to celebrate it. 
I still celebrate Christmas, but only for the non-religious reasons: mainly, spending time with family/people I love. My religious family members say grace at every holiday meal, but out of respect for them, I sit quietly while they do so. To me, religious holidays that are widely celebrated have many different ways of celebrating them, religious and not.  

To say that February 14 is the one day we show love is hard to accept. Hell if anything it's an excuse to do something different. Although I do get sort of aggravated with people who just want the flowers on the desk as proof to the world that they are"Loved". In equal measure I also get the same sensation with the people who loathe this day for no real discernible reason other than the fact that they are not sharing in the shallowness. 

Nothing christian was truly christian. This "christian" holiday is yet another. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupercalia

This is the story of St. Valentine the church goes by: "The first representation of Saint Valentine appeared in the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493); alongside the woodcut portrait of Valentine, the text states that he was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus. He was arrested and imprisoned upon being caught marrying Christian couples and otherwise aiding Christians who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius in Rome."(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Valentine)

The version I'd heard was that the saint was arrested and killed at the urging of his fellow priests because he was conducting marriages for free. At the time, the priests charged a lot for marriage ceremonies such that only nobles could afford them. The poor were left "living in sin". Following hist brutal death, the people released countless rose petals through the streets in memoriam.

Yeah I heard something like that as a kid. But in the version I'd heard the saint married couples that for some reason were forbidden to marry.


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