US Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: We May Be Headed Toward 'End of Days'

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson says its possible the world is headed toward the end times prophesied in the Bible, but added that as president he would take action to "ameliorate" it. (read full articlehere)

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You think Donald Trump is scary?...

I thought Mitt Romney was scary. Watching the political shuffling that leads up to electing a new president from within the USA is scary. It's like Russian Roulette where the empty gun chamber is the only safe solution but the stats look loaded against it.

Russian roulette with a revolver is highly preferable to the same game played with a semi automatic.

Oh well that puts my mind at ease :)

"GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson says its possible the world is headed toward the end times prophesied in the Bible, but added that as president he would take action to "ameliorate" it."

Does this mean he is finally planning on doing something about global warming?

You have to wonder, Rocky. Something like King Canute holding back the tide by will power alone? Maybe pray away the day? He doesn't actually say. How does one ameliorate Armageddon?

In Kong Knut's defense, he didn't believe he could do it, but his advisers, sycophantic to an extreme degree, insisted that he could.  He did his demo to show them wrong.

How does one ameliorate Armageddon?

Asbestos overcoats and free ice cream!

I would say that the "end of days" is definitely upon us, but not because of some imaginary sky god, because of FUCKING CLIMATE CHANGE!!!! Which WE created!!!

We are basically witnessing the destruction of ourselves, and social psychologists assert that we may not be evolved enough to act collectively towards goals that involve long-term thinking...

So yes. I will be amazed if we don't see catastrophe within the next 5-10 years that will disrupt life as we know it. I think that water shortage (already is in some places) will be what wakes us up....unfortunately...because once we reach that point it's beyond the point of any possible return.

What is truly scary is that a large segment of the American electorate is willing to consider putting people like Carson, Trump, Fiorina, and Cruz in the White House where they can join the right wing Congress in finishing the job of destroying the country just to piss off the black, Muslim, Kenyan they believe is its current, illegitimate occupant.

Probably most Americans would find the leaders and candidates of other countries crazy, too. I'm thinking of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK for example as well as a lot of the more liberal politicians in Canada and Europe. Angela Merkel would probably just barely pass muster.

It's not the fact that one politician is a bozo (Italy had Berlisconi, Spain right now has Rajoy, Austria recently had a radical-pseudo-nazi-nationalist) and Russia has Putin for christ's sake. What is that every single Republican candidate (over a dozen) is acting like a mentally-challenged lunatic each trying to out do one another in throwing outrageous promises on the table and insulting and attacking everything and anything. All of them. What makes it even crazier is that in the only other party (which itself is creepy...only two parties to choose from) they the democrat canadiates are...for the most part...admirable candidates. It just makes the dozen buffoons in the clown car seem all the more gross.


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