I've recently lost a friend I grew up with of 27 years because I am an atheist. No she didn't die. LOL! But she is just as dead to me. We were facebook friends and she kept sending me scriptures and god this and god will find a way that and god helped her and god will do this. Blah blah blah. Every time we talked on the phone, Oh just let god handle it. Like god is some kind of lawyer or accountant. One day I was tired of it. I never dash anyones "beliefs and hopes and dreams" of a better after life cause they are getting the crap end of the stick on earth. As much as we should all be anti-theist because of the dangers of being theist, I am just not confrontational. I wound up sending her some scriptures... from the bible that get passed by the preachers and reverends. Like the taking of virgin wives after "god" commanded you to plunder pillage and kill every man, child, animal and non virgin in a city. I even asked my 12 year old daughter "if the US were invaded by another country and the men from that country took you as a wife, what do you think of that?" she's 12 and said, that would be like rape, daddy! Against my will! If a 12 yr old understood the concept without being given clues, why can't a 30+ year old so called religious woman? My friend then said, "you are getting scriptures from the old testament, that's why there is a new testament". I said so your almight perfect creator started with a rough draft? Then I dug into the new testament and found some wicked stuff in there as well. Her story changed to, if you have to send me stuff like this then maybe you shouldnt send me stuff anymore. You are disrespecting me and if you value our friendship..blah blah blah. She basically put an option that I can opt out of our friendship if this is gonna continue. I said, it won't continue, but I will excercise my option to opt out of our friendship because if you really were a friend you wouldn't have put that option in there to begin with. She wrote me back to think about it. I said I did before I made my decision. I stand on my decisions because they are well thought out. There were no pros of her being a friend besides the fact that she was a friend and I had a place to stay whenever I went to Austin. There were no cons either. So it was sort of like a neutrality. Not sounding like a braggart, but I am the one all my friends come to for advice. I weigh the pros and cons, look at the benefits of a decision, and I give good, sound, logical, low risk advice. "When asked for it". So actually, I was the one with something to offer. I was the ear for venting, and the shoulder to cry on. Not just with her, but with the majority of my few friends. I guess it's because they look to hope and god and I look to making it happen if one can, and persistence. In the end I deleted her off facebook, my cell phones, my email address book, soon my myspace when I get to it. I can't even say that I miss her. If she wasn't callin to just say wassup (which was every blue moon and cool), she was calling with a problem. Nahh I don't miss her. Noramoss P.S. Sorry about the word jamboree. I wrote this from a phone.

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So, you ended the friendship?

Usually what I see people experiencing in situations like this is the theist will end the friendship in some manner. It sounds like she didn't want the friendship to end. I can understand your anger at ultimatums, but that may have been a good time to talk about boundaries (like curbing her religious speak around you).

You say you were friends with her for 27 years which indicates some value must have been there. But then you say you don't miss her. Tough for me to say one way or the other.

Sorry to hear of your loss, if it was indeed a loss.
Trust me when I tell you, anger is the last emotion I will feel. I wasn't anger at the ultimatum. I thought maybe she was too punk to say we shouldn't be friends anymore because I believe in god and you don't. I do not have a problem making a small or huge decision.
There is no way a "religious" person is going to curb what the feel they and everyone else owes their life to. The heavenly father, the lord and SAVIOR number 33! Jesus "die for your sins" Christ!
We discussed about I respect her values, but I don't have to tolerate her pushing her beliefs on me. It wound up being a respectable discussion, but in the end, she said she'll pray for me and I said prayer works about as well as wishful thinking, thanks anyway.
If someone adamantly debates with you and tells you the moon is made of cheese. You should not respect that. It is insane and nonsense. I refuse to respect irrational behavior or beliefs from anyone grown.
I have shown a thick skin and tolerance for it being I was raised in a catholic family, went to lutheran school for the 1st 5 years of my schooling and got sent to detention a few times a week for asking questions about god that they could not and never will be able answer. It was a friend of 27 years but when I look back on the value of it, it was a one way friendship. When she had a problem and came to me, either I helped manually or gave sound, logical, low risk advice.
If I had a problem her answer was always, god will show you the way.
If I showed her the way when she needed help, was I her god? LOL.
It wasn't a hasty decision to end the friendship, it read her message like 8 times to make sure I did not misread it and I thought on it for about four days before I responded.
Maybe she was going through something and was mad at men. I took a lot of possibilities in consideration, but in the end, that's all they were...possibilities.
My life is of NO regrets. I make choices that can yield the best outcome but life has variables so you never know....
Well, then good riddance!
"if you have to send me stuff like this then maybe you shouldnt send me stuff anymore. You are disrespecting me and if you value our friendship..blah blah blah."

Of course she didn't turn that around on herself and think "Gee, maybe I shouldn't send my friend all this God and Jesus stuff anymore because it disrespects him and since I value his friendship I'll desist with the disrespectful God crap." No, they never see that side.
I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you quoting bible scripture at her is someone disrespecting her beliefs. How the hell is quoting her own religion disrespectful?
Good point.
How dare a heathen try to teach me about the living word of my Lord and Savior when he has not the presence of mind to accept the loving sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ!
That is horrible about the friend with prop 8. In a logical world people should be able to marry who they want but since marriage is a "religious" ceremony. So it doesn't accept the gay community. Your friend is so wrong. Noone is trying to change a theist into an atheist. We are basically saying THINK! Use ur own brain. I would think that being str8 is not a choice, so someone with gay tendencies, isn't a choice either.
As far as her getting mad at me sending her some scriptures from the bible, I guess she'd rather hear, jesus loves you, he died for our sins... you know.. The few nice passages that are in the bible instead of the harsh reality of it's brutality. I just have 4 words for her. DeLuSioNal...LOL!
It's a total uproar when you say prayer doesn't work or cancer would have been cured! You get to hear the lame excuse that god is working thru man to cure it. That doesn't sound to me like an all powerful being. Sounds like an excuse because one doesn't want to research scientific means. Oh well.


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