I'm predicting that the President will get a second term despite slightly losing the general vote, all due to America's wacky Electoral College system. In other words, the reverse of the Bush/Gore election.

Maybe this will be the impetus to get rid of the wacky Electoral College thing.

What's your prediction?

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President has 290+ in the electoral college and a very slight lead in the popular vote. I think some people have changed their minds in the aftermath of the hurricane. I'm also expecting Republicans to contest the vote in several states and claim "voter fraud" whenever possible.

The Republicans are shameless. There are efforts in several key states to essentially come up with some replacement of the old poll taxes that prevented blacks from voting. Having minorities face embarrassing and traumatic challenges. 

Is it a coincidence that in ALL cases these plans have been fomented in states with Republican governors or attorneys general?

Today job numbers came out showing that the country is moving in the right direction, though not as quickly as one would hope, And, as was the case last month, some Republicans are saying that it's only because, to paraphrase, "those damned Democrats cooked the books."

Well, those numbers are put out by professional economists who are isolated from political pressure from The White House.

I agree. I'm not able to vote this year because of a confluence of odd circumstances mixed with absentee ballot application deadlines. It kinda sucks, but at the same time, I don't really want to vote for either candidate. In fact as the election moves closer, I mind myself thinking about how we really missed out on Jon Huntsman. I actually thought he was worth voting for.

It's funny. Republicans were saying during the primary that government doesn't create jobs and now they want to say that a Romney presidency will create more jobs? It's ridiculous. Regardless of what our politicians do, our economy will eventually recover for the simple fact that people are going to keep things going because their very survival depends on getting things going again.

Personally, I hope Obama wins over Romney just for the simple fact that a Romney presidency might usher in more far-right wing ideologues in the 2014 election. They might control both houses and the presidency and potentially appoint two new Supreme Court justices! It'd effectively be one-party control of all three branches. That is a real and possible outcome that would just be terrible for our country.

They won't get rid of the Electoral College. Sure they need to refine it, but they won't get rid of it.. 

I don't think they can refine it to prevent the Gore/Bush scenario from ever happening again, or do you think otherwise?

The only way that could happen is if they totally eliminated it. 
The Founders originally set up the College because they didn't fell the public was informed enough to elect the President directly. It could be argued that something never change.. LOL

Kidding aside, not quite sure how they'd refine it in such a way as to avoid the Gore/Bush situation or even a mixed ticket such as a hypothetical Romney/Biden ticket.. 

I'm too cynical to believe Obama will win. I'm too cynical too think 4 more years will make a difference. I just don't give a fuck about America anymore. I just. Do. Not. Care.

I asked various people at work today in Dublin, Ireland and 21 wanted Obama for a second term and zero wanted Romney.  I think if I asked the same question in Dublin, Ohio the results would be a lot closer. I think todays job numbers and his "hands-on" approach during the Sandy storm might sway the undecided towards the Democratic vote. Over here we certainly want him to win. It will be very close but he should get a second term.

Ok, but don't tell Americans that. We HATE it when Europe likes our president.

Four different elections have been at odds w/ the electoral college and popular vote. One citizen = 1 vote = who gets the most.

I predict Obama, because he's brilliant and knows how to say the right stuff in politics. (I know, that's also why politics sucks, but Romney's in the same game.)

There are only two possible ways to modernize the electoral college system:

  • Either convene a US Constitutional Convention that writes an amendment, or...
  • Each and every state voluntarily changes its own rules for how their electoral votes must be applied

Neither of these are likely to happen, because red states don't want to give up their power. When you use a US map to see how red states vote, you can see how some idiots brag about the large expanse of territory that the red states cover. The problem is that low-density population states automatically have proportionately more electoral votes than high density states, because each state contributes two free senators to the count, even if their population is practically nothing. So most red states won't want to even out the count according to its population.

(Another problem with electoral allocation is that the two party system that maintains these election laws will never want a third party to gain power, but that's another subject.)

I hope its Obama.. because I'd rather a democrat pick our Supreme Court Justices than a republican.   


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