Took a stab at clicking on my old browser favorite for the old think atheist site and lo and behold the old site is back. What the hey! You guys know what email is? LOL. Thanking the moderater's.

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Good to see you back Noel.

Head for the dark pages! in this case. 

I feel ya, but I've also noticed that one of the most common reasons given for unregistering is "too much email". Hmmm, thinking now...

Yaaaayyy Noel's back! The Universe is back in balance! Lol

Yes it is young Padawan, yes it is... LOL!

Thanks for having me guys... and gals...

I was going to write the same exact thing, Noel! I, too, took a hiatus when the site changed hands and subsequently changed design. To be honest, I wasn't fond of the new look AT ALL. A few days ago I decided to pop back over here and see if TA even still existed, and I was VERY happy to find that it was back to its familiar MM look, and was also thriving.

I'm glad to see it's still here, I'm working hard to get back into the habit of being a regular. TA has been a great place, with great people, and a fantastic contributor to the cause. I'm glad it didn't fade away.

--Geektheist (formerly LotusGeek on here ;) ), aka Rocky Oliver

How about a one-time (<no reply>) email blast to all addresses on TA's files soliciting a revisit by "old" members. There are quite a number I used to enjoy reading who no longer contribute.

Or (maybe you meant) a one-time blast to atheist zone's members.


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