Imagine you're a Republican atheist and you have to choose between The Donald or Ted Cruz.

Now, were it me, I'd have to hold my nose and throw up in my throat as I voted for Trump.

I don't think everything he says he believes to the degree he seems to. I think he has identified a market and he's appealing to it as a marketer would, in order to be elected.

Ted Cruz, by contrast is a religious nut case and no doubt would try to create his vision of an America based on fundamentalist Christian prejudices.

Agree or disagree?

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I hope there is quite a buzz in the air for Ted's New York adventure. Maybe everyone will have some soup afterwards. Trump will end up looking powerless because he will be mostly unable to carry out his election pledges but Cruz, as much as the Senate hates him, is an appointee of the dominionists and will be bad for America.

Agree completely.


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