Imagine you're a Republican atheist and you have to choose between The Donald or Ted Cruz.

Now, were it me, I'd have to hold my nose and throw up in my throat as I voted for Trump.

I don't think everything he says he believes to the degree he seems to. I think he has identified a market and he's appealing to it as a marketer would, in order to be elected.

Ted Cruz, by contrast is a religious nut case and no doubt would try to create his vision of an America based on fundamentalist Christian prejudices.

Agree or disagree?

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That is perhaps the knee-jerk intellectual position. However Trump is more dangerous than Cruz based on his psychological instability and his rabid followers. Also in the aftermath of Cruz the nation would likely revert to democratic majority in legislature and in oval office. On the other hand the ascension of Trump might lead to further fascism.

I just don't think Trump is as serious as he seems. 

I will add to what I said below, this:  Trump is unfit for the office, aside from my disagreements with him, for reasons Jake alludes to above.  (On the other hand, I don't think Hillary is fit for it either, for similar reasons.)

I was an independent for many years, but changed my registration to vote against my congresspuke in a primary two years ago.  I just realized I forgot to change it back.  (NB:  This was AFTER I told GM in one of our arguments that I was not a Republican, so I wasn't lying to him.)

So ATM I am an atheist Republican.  Though my sympathies are more libertarian.  [Note to self, repair registration after voting against Congresspuke Jackass again in the primary.  Though he actually LOST the vote at the assembly, he's going to petition on.]

If church state separation issues were my ONLY issues, and someone stuck a gun to my head and said "pick either Cruz or Trump," I'd probably do what you say you would, and for the reasons you gave.  However, separation aren't my only issues, and between the two I'd pick Cruz, for a variety of other reasons.  Trump, I believe, is lying about his true positions (he certainly flip-flops a lot), and none of his real stances are libertarian.  Cruz at least has some agreement.

A Republican atheist?

What's that?

I'm sure there are many Republican atheists. The GOP has three basic factions. 1) the jingoist patriots that Trump primarily appeals to, 2) the fundamentalist Christians, and 3) financial conservatives. I'm sure there are some atheists in 1) and quite a few in 3).

As for Trump himself, he's not a Christian. Not really.

Donald Trump is dangerous by every stretch of the imagination. Cruz is just stupid. The lesser of the two evils is the man who is all talk. That is Cruz. Donald Trump ACTUALLY MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. I really believe that. I do not think people give him enough credit. The man is the lunatic you see. Cruz? Nah. If you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox, hahaha!

Why are you so sure he believes what he says? His history is a history of just doing what's needed to meet his objectives. He HAS no core beliefs.

RE:I don't think everything he says he believes to the degree he seems to. I think he has identified a market and he's appealing to it as a marketer would, in order to be elected.

I believe every word that comes out of his racist mouth. He WILL destroy our country (and maybe the world) if he gets elected. I don't want him anywhere near the red button. It amazes me to this day why this man is still around. It tells the sad state of affairs of our nation.

It'll be far easier to destroy the world than the country. No matter what he says while campaigning, he's constrained by law. About 90% of what he claims he'll do he'll find he can't. And what isn't illegal will be blocked in the legislature.

Trump's problem should he try anything illegal. Article:

Could Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office

Agree. Surely trump is at best a closet agnostic and at worst a moderate Christian.


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