Time for some grammar nazi fun. Things people say that bother you.

Give pet peeves and discuss.

"I'll take who's next."

If that sounds right to you, you have a tin ear. It should be "I'll take whoever is next" or "I'm ready for the next person."

Checkout signs that say something like "Ten items or less."

No, no, no. It's "fewer," not "less."

Here's a biblical one:

"The wages of sin is death." What the hell? Plural noun and singular verb?

It should be "The wage of sin is death" because "The wages of sin are death" is just as messed up as the original and for the same reason. 

Your turn.

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A comma mistake in the Texas Republican Party's platform implies that gays are the majority in Texas: 

Homosexuality is a chosen behavior that is contrary to the fundamental unchanging truths that has been ordained by God in the Bible, recognized by our nations founders, and shared by the majority of Texans.

That last comma turns a hateful plank into a hilarious one.

Nope, even with the comma there I don't parse it the way you did.  It's the "fundamental unchanging truths" that are [supposedly] shared by the majority of Texans, just as they were [supposedly] recognized and ordained by the founders and doG, respectively. (I believe it's an "Oxford comma.")  It's the third in a list of things that apply to that, rather than somehow being ripped away from that context and attached to "Homosexuality" because they put a comma in.

Since some people have read it differently, at best it's ambiguous.

It's the use of the singular 'has' which directs the reader to attach it to 'a chosen behavior'. If the plural 'have' had been used, it would direct the reader to the plural of 'truths'. The comma just reinforces the error.

I hadn't even spotted that...but now that it has, it would mean that EVERYTHING following it goes with "Homosexuality is a chosen behavior."  God, it appears, ordains it now, and our nations founders recognized it, and the majority of Texans approve.

I still can't see how one is justified breaking the third bit (and only the third bit) off and thinking it applies to a more distant part of the sentence just with that comma.

Yes, everything goes with that singular. Wonderful, isn't it?

Now you can finally take your wife to church.  You know you've wanted to do that all along...

(No, please, I was kidding, put the knife down!)

People who say "anxious" when they mean "eager."

The root of "anxious" is "anxiety" (fear, dread, foreboding). I'm sure you know what "eager" means.

I am getting bitten alive. What does alive add?

This is the best chocolate I have ever had in my entire life. What does in my entire life add?

It used to be, "I'm being eaten alive", which makes sense, whereas 'bitten' doesn't.

As far as the chocolate comment, the 'ever' supersedes the 'in my entire life' which is a waste of space.

My ex wife had the horrible habit of saying "has you know" and this woman had a masters in social work...

I hate to see ambiguity creeping into the language. There's so much already.

Strictly speaking, in logic and science, to refute something implies a conclusive and undeniable disproof. 

Many people now use "refute" as a synonym for "dispute" or "deny."


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