Thoughts on the Women's World Cup and soccer/football in general

What a game! Three goals in the first sixteen minutes all by Carli Lloyd, and the last one of those from fifty some yards away. 

Seeing the Japanese beaten down so soundly by a US team that kept them on their heels for most of the game must have given some pleasure to the English, who lost to Japan on one of the most monumental flukes in World Cup history. Probably one of the few times they ever rooted for an American soccer team.

Soccer is growing in the US. More people watched the final yesterday than watched the last Men's World Cup. Portland, Oregon, where I live is a soccer-crazy town, and so I watched our Timbers beat San Jose at 8 pm last evening, less than 2 hours after the Women's World Cup finish.

So, what are the prospects for soccer supplanting NFL football as the sport of choice in America?

The biggest problem is that NFL games are stop and go, giving the TV networks ample opportunities to run the ads that pay for the show. The clock only stops at the end of each half of a soccer game. Occasionally, someone is treated for an injury or a player substitution is made, but those are relatively rare. 

Advertising in soccer matches seems to consist mainly of logo placement on the sidelines, so other than before, after, and at halftime, there are few opportunities for running the kind of clever ads that punctuate NFL matches.

It will take overwhelming interest by the public and some solution to the advertising problem for Sunday Soccer to supplant Sunday NFL Football.

BTW, I have to hand it to soccer players, who must be among the best conditioned of athletes. Unlike NFL players who actually play, it's been estimated, about 11 minutes per 60 minute game, Soccer players spend almost all of their 90 minutes running around on a field that's substantially bigger than an NFL gridiron. And it can happen that there's overtime play. I believe in the Japan vs. England game, there were two 15-minute overtime sets, so the many of the players actually played for 2 hours. No wonder there are no fat soccer players!

Any comments?

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What impressed me most about the Women’s World Cup was the lack of whinging, crying, bad language, sexism and spoilt overpaid brat attitude that is common in the men’s game which I seldom watch anymore, except for some Spanish teams. The respect shown to the opposition was also commendable.

I regret that I have to say this, but it might have to do that, compared with the men's sport, there's no really big money involved. It's too bad, but good manners and sportsmanship (sportswomenship?) don't seem to coexist well with the big bucks.

OR, maybe women are just different.

Our pro soccer players get paid (on avg)...

$104K if they are male

$14,800 if they are female

And the men lost!


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