It looks like any hopes or dreams that Donald Trump isn't serious about running for President can be set aside. So, here's your chance to express your thoughts, prognostications, predictions, or rants. 

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Again, I disagree.  If both choices are shit sandwiches, then having to choose one of them just to be able to claim you care is pointless.

You have a limited point, however, if someone doesn't even go vote on ballot initiatives.  But that doesn't go so far as to be able to claim someone doesn't care and isn't entitled to complain if they happened to leave a particular race (or six) blank.

I wouldn't be surprised in the future to see grassy-knoll voting.

Lewis Black would make a great President.

The country isn't ready for a Jewish President yet.

"The country isn't ready for a Jewish President yet."

I thought Obama was Jewish.

Wiping my ass with my ballot IS VOTING.

I'm just tired of having to skip over all of the media stories. I already know more than enough about him.

Me too, and it's just getting started.

The Trump candidacy's success is powered by a number of things.

He understands the media in a way that the other GOP politicians don't. He's a great manager and he's managing the news masterfully. Like they say, "Trump sucks all of the oxygen out of the room." The other GOP candidates can't compete with the coverage he gets

He's a leader in a way that none of the other GOP candidates aren't. For Republicans on the street looking for an alpha male candidate, Trump is their guy. The guy the party was grooming for the presidency, Jeb Bush, is (as Trump loves to point out) very low energy. 

He appeals to a disaffected fraction of the GOP who are frustrated at the ineffectiveness of their representatives in Congress who, for example, failed to get rid of the hated Obamacare.

He converts any criticism of his outrageous comments into a rant against political correctness, which is something a lot of people are tired of. 


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