It looks like any hopes or dreams that Donald Trump isn't serious about running for President can be set aside. So, here's your chance to express your thoughts, prognostications, predictions, or rants. 

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@The Unone:

"Hispanics are a huge voting bloc. They alone can keep him from becoming President."

What makes you think the Hispanics legal and illegal want any more Hispanics getting in to compete for a shrinking job market?  Maybe they want to close the boarder as well (except for their own families of course.)

I'm still voting for Teddy R.

@ Belle:

"I'm scared shitless."   

You should send him a thank you note for saving you money on toilet paper. :)

The folks in Alabama aren't scared of him......

I just watched Trump's latest rally in Mobile, Alabama. 

Suddenly, he's got religion, making a reference to Dr. Billy Graham and waving around a copy of The Bible which is says is the #1 book in the world, even eclipsing his own The Art Of The Deal, which received a couple prominent product placements. 

He promises to fix everything during his presidency. To replace Obamacare with something wonderful that isn't designed to make the insurance companies rich, to leapfrog the 14th Amendment and eliminate the "anchor baby" phenomenon, to make China and Mexico bow down before the US and stop all these unfair trade deals, to rebuild America's armed forces and make sure we take proper care of our military vets, and he'll take such good care of women, too. 

He's not as bad as Bernie Sanders, who seems to be promising everyone a unicorn and a pot of gold without even a hint of how he'll do it, but both of them are promising way more than they could possibly deliver.

"He's not as bad as Bernie Sanders". Does this mean that if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and Trump wins the Republican one, you'll be voting for Trump?

If that's the choice, I'll probably write in Lewis Black.

Not voting, or spoiling your ballot paper is not taking responsibility for your own country.

I disagree.  Sometimes--hell, usually--the two choices you have shoved at you both stink, and it would be wrong to sanction either of them.  You can't legitimately claim "oh, he didn't care because he wouldn't choose one pile of shit over the other."

Personally, I'd like to see "none of the above" put on the ballot and require that the winner receive more than 50% of all ballots cast (or it's a do over with new candidates).  It would have a salutary effect on party machinery (which right now just has to nominate someone the public will find less noxious than the other party's candidate), and would also help prevent some forms of electoral fraud (where someone comes along and "helpfully" fills in the vote you "forgot" to make for his candidate).

Instead, "None of the Above" is only an implied choice by those who leave that race blank on their ballot.  I've done it many a time, as I carefully vote against all the attempts of corrupt local government to play tax shell games.  (Doug Bruce may be the foremost asshole in all of Colorado, but he has my eternal gratitude for getting tax limitation onto the books here.)

How about 'All of the Above'  and then they all fight to the death, winner gets to work his way up from White House maid to the oval office just as his term is over.

It's a legal way of making a statement of dissatisfaction that doesn't involve running around in the streets breaking shop windows.

In Australia voting is compulsory. You can spoil your paper but you must attend a polling booth or whatever the equivalent is to vote.

The "shrug and refusal to vote" approach is simply detaching your sense of responsibility for the country in which you live. People announce it proudly, as if to say "that idiot who is making bad decisions isn't my fault".

Yes it is your fault. It's your fault for not actively trying to change things. If you do not vote, you relinquish the right to bitch about your government.


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