...so I'm shamelessly featuring it, too.
Even though it's my own post... and that sorta makes me a whore.


The storm is gathering...the clouds are dark...

Ok, I'm sure you can read the comments out there for yourself, so I'll save the entire LIST of fuckery I wanted to document. Instead I'll put up a few key points.
-Why would a DOCTOR have to chose between her religion and her job when it comes to gay marriage? Since when do doctors marry people?
-Unless this law entails forcing straight people to marry same sex folks against their will, how exactly are THEIR rights being taken away?

This is what I propose.
We make a counter video in defense of these poor NOM idiots to help them better illustrate their points.
This is what I see.....replace the doctor with a boat captain. I'm talking a peg leg, parrot and eye patch...
And then have him tell the story of how he was forced to walk the plank because he wouldn't marry a gay couple on his ship.

Then we are going to cut the Mass. mom out, and replace her with a 16 year old from Idaho. And she's going to talk about how since her boyfriend was using his credit card, they just put Mr & Mrs. Smith on the hotel registry one night because he was too drunk to drive. Well, under Idaho state law, that does make them legally married, so she's going to talk about that, and how happy she was that it saved her thousands of dollars on a wedding....and how that right would be taken away from her if gays were allowed to marry, because that law must be appealed or there would be a lot of confusion on business trips or anytime anyone wants to share a room!

Ok... aimless rant now. No one could do more to hurt the Prop 8 campaign than those already out there... sorry.

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lol yeah... sounds a plan...

***Gathering Storm by Coughlan666 (RATED R) - this one is kinda a comedy

****Response to NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad - this one is very informative
I received an email about this last week.


Marriage equality is gaining momentum across America.

On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court -- by a unanimous ruling -- made marriage equality the law of the land. Then the Vermont legislature overturned their Governor's veto of a marriage equality bill by a two-thirds margin on Tuesday.

And now the religious right is responding with a national TV ad filled with fear about a same-sex marriage "storm" gathering across the country.

This morning, the "National Organization for Marriage" launched a disturbing ad using actors to push lies claiming that marriage equalty threatens personal freedoms. The ad is going up on the airwaves across America -- eight times a day in California -- as NOM seeks to build what they are calling a "rainbow coalition" against equality.

We need your help to fight back right now against this deplorable ad. With many legal experts expecting the California Supreme Court to uphold Prop 8, our only option will be to place an initiative on the ballot to restore marriage equality. To repeal Prop 8, we will need to build a grassroots army for change in every county of California.

In response, the Dolby Family is challenging our community to raise $25,000 as a matching grant to fund Camp Courage trainings for marriage equality activists.

Can you help us respond to these lies and distortions by turning fear into hope? Watch this despicable TV ad now and then contribute to support more Camp Courage trainings by helping us meet this generous $25,000 matching grant from the Dolby Family -- thus doubling their amazing donation:


While NOM's TV ad uses actors to portray false victims, Camp Courage is mobilizing real people to speak from their heart, door-to-door across California.

Modeled on the "Camp Obama" training events that helped propel President Obama into the White House, Camp Courage uses the "Story of Self" to transform personal experiences -- each participant's unique inspiration for supporting marriage equality -- into compelling and authentic narratives that can persuade undecided voters.

Here's what Sara P., a participant, said about Camp Courage Los Angeles:

"At any time throughout the day I could look around the room and see a smile on someone's face, a tear running down their cheek, and the wheels turning in their head. Every moment, you could look to your left and look to your right and know that you were sitting next to a fellow soldier, someone that will be, or is, in the trenches with you fighting in the name of justice. How powerful is that?"

To build a movement to push back on the right-wing's lies and fear-mongering, we need to train and empower more people like Sara. These transformative trainings have been held in L.A. and Fresno and now San Diego and the Bay Area are next. Meanwhile, we've also mobilized grassroots organizers to launch 23 Equality Teams and 13 canvass events across California, with teams going door-to-door to talk directly to voters.

Please turn fear into hope. Watch this TV ad right now and then do what you can to help us continue to build an army for marriage equality. Your contribution will help us double the Dolby Family's amazing donation and expand Camp Courage into more locations:


We've made history in Iowa and Vermont. Now let's fight the right to make marriage equality a reality again in California.

Rick Jacobs
Chair, Courage Campaign
Think Progress had a post regarding this, replete with audition video of the actors.


Also, they have a link that leads you to the HRC website. The HRC explains the origins of some of the nonsensical claims made in the video. They remain nonsensical, but at least you know they just didn't pull it completely out of the ether.

Yeah, because the religious right's insistence on governing the private actions that gay people take in their own homes, what kinds of legal partnerships they can enter into, and by extension even things like the medical coverage that is available to them doesn't take away anyone's rights...

Not at all. But gay peoples' rights aren't as important anyway, right? It's all about me.

[/shamelessly smart-assed irony]
There have been a lot of good responses to this on YouTube. I liked the one that kept pointing out that all of their 'concerns' translated to 'I won't be allowed to be bigoted anymore.'
The parody replies just keep coming!



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