And I mean the nonreligious stuff. We talk about that all day long here. I'll start...

People who insist on turning against heavy traffic from the driving lane even though there is a middle lane set aside for turning.

People who can't take two additional seconds to push their shopping cart into the stacked carts, but leave it laying around two or three feet away from where it should properly be put.

Men who piss into toilets without putting the seat up and/or don't wipe the seat. (Were you raised in a barn or is it that you're afraid of the germs on the seat but are also afraid of washing your hands after touching something "dirty"?)

Otherwise intelligent people who can't pronounce "nuclear" without putting two u's in it.

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Reminds me: men who let a string of females get on the bus in front of them, feigning politeness. I say "feigning" because there are women behind him who'd also like to get on the bus.

My lawfirm is really big on the park and ride program so they pay everyone to do it so I ride the express into the city which is all business folks and I have to tell you that it seems that the standard for someone to give up a seat for someone is that they either be a cute girl wearing really tight dress pants or the person is older then dirt. I'm over it myself because it's always the same people running super late who expect to be given a seat by someone who was there 20 mins before departure time and waited in the long ass line of like 80 people like everyone else. Oh then you have the people who take up more then one seat like there isn't anyone else... I'm not above telling someone to move their crap when there is a full load of people... its like dude there is no way you need that much ball room close your legs asshole. If someone has a phobia of people then perhaps they should just drive to work instead of trying to establish a buffer zone.

We only hold doors for the hot ones. 

I was just about to say the exact same thing. Only with credit cards/money in supermarket lines. It pisses me off to no end! Why does it seem to be a surprise to people that they have to pay for their stuff too?


I have so many things that piss me off it could fill the thrice blasted Library of Congress. -__-

How about doctors who make you wait 45 minutes in the lobby before taking you in for an exam?

People who let their kids run around a store while they shop. Hello, you have no right to complain about a store being a wreck when your kid is treating it like their personal play land.

When you just barely missed answering a call, so you call the person back right away and they do not answer their phone. Seriously? Did you suddenly lose your phone in the 2 seconds it took me to call you back?

People with loud, rattling sound systems in the trunks of their very crappy looking cars. I'm sorry, but I do not want to hear other peoples music. If I wanted to listen to loud, thumping rap music I would go to the dance club. I have a 4 year old, and I'm trying to raise her with a bit of decency and intelligence, but this is difficult when people are blaring music who's entire song consist of degrading women and using extremely bad grammar between all the f-bombs all the time.

Related to people who aren't there when you return a missed call, here's one for people who use gmail: Do you ever have the experience of seeing that they are in green (meaning available), so you write "Hi!" and they go from green to gray instantaneously? (Gray means they aren't there or are invoking invisibility.)

All the time, on facebook too. It's like "ok...did I really just get you at a bad time or are you just avoiding me?"

The missed call thing it a major annoyance...I believe during this small interval the other person is being transfered to my inbox and then they are hearing the beginning of my voice message promt.  It usually helps to give it 6 seconds before even attempting a call back.  Your phone may be quicker/slower.  I have it down to an art, as long as the person hangs up asap.  People who listen to my whole voice message promt only to hang up without leaving a message--in the process ralfing up my call back timing--are the real problem.  Who does that?  "Uh, do I wanna leave a message?  Hum, do, dee, dum.  Ah, nah!"  Click. 

:) Re: the kids thing... have you ever visited Sounds like it might be the place for you!


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