Although this discuss is in the main forum (despite being MMA related) this is more in depth than just the MMA world, or even the celebrity world. This is about women, and the barriers that seem to always throw us down and knock us out, no pun intended...

This is about the Rise and Fall of Ronda Rousey...

Ronda Rousey has quickly become one of my favorite people on the planet. She was open, honest, cunning, witty, strong, confident, inspiring, dominant, a bitch (at times), beautiful, and she became a superstar based on her ability to take out opponents in a matter of seconds, better than most of the men in the same sport.

And now the world is turning on her.

For those who do not know her story, she was an Olympian. The first American to medal in Judo. She was raised by a mother who is overbearing at best, and verbally abusive at worst. Her father committed suicide when she was 8. Although her mother's perfectionist style caused her to constantly try to be better, she found herself struggling in the arms of abusive men, (and still is unfortunately,) an eating disorder, and a warped body image. Despite all of these things, she kicked ass. Everyone loved her...

Now, everyone is mocking and scorning her. Overnight. Right after she was knocked out by Holly Holm (GO HOLLY!!! #BURQUE - you go girl!!!!)...anyway, lol....before Ronda Rousey could even leave the Octagon and be transported to the hospital, she found herself being ridiculed on twitter and facebook, etc.

And over the last several days, she has been HAMMERED (no pun intended) by rude comments, and verbally assaulted by the masses. Was she any more aggressive than (say) Conor McGregor towards Jose Aldo? No, actually McGregor has been FAR more offensive towards him...and he's REVERED LIKE A KING FOR IT!!! (He is pretty hot, lol)....And even though she refused to touch gloves before the fight with Holly, and even though she chewed her out at the weigh-ins, is that really any different than what we see in MMA from some of the men at times? And can you really expect her to be perfect? No one is perfect. Even Holly Holm is saying, "Leave the chick alone, if it wasn't for her women wouldn't even be IN MMA, so stop dogging on her, because she did for women's sports what no one had done before..."

It's just quite honestly amazing to me to see someone as such a media darling, lose her reputation and fame overnight just by losing.

You can use whatever excuse you want...but the truth is that it's because she's a woman.

So is the glass ceiling really shattered? Or are we just pretending it was ever reachable to begin with?

What do you think?

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Soccer in the US just announced that youth will not be allowed to even head a ball in practice, let alone in games, until the kids are over 10 years old....due to concussion fears/lawsuits.

After 10, IIRC, 10-14, no practice of heading, but allowed in games under some circumstances.

In the US football leagues, the rules on contact, also related to concussion fears/lawsuits, are also changed to better protect the players.

And so forth.  Brains are starting to consider damage to other brains as an issue.


@TJ this is a Good thing!...especially since my son plays soccer :)
@ Pope.... Awww :)

The thing is Ronda's arrogance was CONFIDENCE - something a LOT of women lack. One of the reasons I've become such a huge fan is that no woman has ever displayed that level of Blatant, unabashed, in your face, unapologetic confidence, AND backed it up.

I honestly don't know MMA, and like @Pope I tend to stay away from blood sports.  The hype around this was hard to avoid.

It is well documented in a number of fields that aggressive men earn respect while aggressive women are viewed as bitches.  There are definitely social biases that way that work against women in business and other fields.

That having been said, I don't see it here.  The fact that an enormous audience embraced women's combat sports runs pretty strongly against social bias and conditioning. 

From what I see UFC/MMA can't decide whether it wants to be a sport or WWF-like entertainment.  Ronda Rousey's behavior was totally in keeping with "Professional Wrestling" entertainment fake-fighting.  At the same time, her behavior was over-the-top and unsportsmanlike in a sporting context. 

In both cases, whether it's the hyper-arrogant wrestling entertainer or the unsportsmanlike athlete, people's natural reactions are to experience some satisfaction when they get taken down.  Human nature, not bias.

Personally, I alternate between "this should be banned" and a more libertarian view of "if you really want to, go ahead, but you have to pay for your own medical insurance and long-term care".   What I think really should be banned is audiences paying for and betting on blood sports.

I would also prohibit American football for students of all ages... middle school, high school, and college.  We've got more than enough data now to establish that real short- and long-term harm is too great.

She lost a match. It's not a fall. It's a setback, and it should be a minor one if she starts winning again. She should go back in the ring after dusting herself off and do a rematch. If she loses again, there's a time to hang up the gloves, hopefully with a modicum of dignity. Nobody is champ forever.

I seem to remember male boxers being turned on once a long winning streak comes to an end in an ignominious loss. The fight audience is not a terribly sympathetic one. Hero worshippers generally aren't. If they make fun of women who grew up in abuse and make poor relationship choices, I have no respect for them.

I'm not a fight aficionado at all, but from what I've read, she (Rousey) deviated from her normal fight strategy, which may have been her downfall. One analyst wrote "Ronda Rousey that looked too interested in beating Holm at her own game. Instead of engaging the clinch early and often, she wanted to strike." 

BTW, were you in Portland and didn't even say hi?

RE: She lost a match. It's not a fall. It's a setback, and it should be a minor one if she starts winning.

I guess you totally missed the Ziggy Stardust reference, LOL!
I didn't go to Portland afterall....or I would have.
And as far as your other


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