I am a major book junkie, and recently I've come across a series called The Magdeline Line, written by a woman who claims to be a direct descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdeline. The books are about the theory that the two were married, and tracing their bloodline in a very Dan Brown-reminiscent historical thriller format. The theory itself fascinates me, even though I'm on the fence as to whether Jesus ever even existed. Has anyone here read any of this trilogy? I know it has religious undertones, but is the story itself worth exploring?

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Ive never come across this series but i did come across another super religious series.

when i was younger, I found these books called the left behind series(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left_Behind) which are pretty much a fictional story about the rapture when jesus takes all the people who have declared their faith or something like that. apparently theres some prayer in some protestant denominations? anywho i just thought they were entertaining cause the idea of everyone disappearing was interesting. haha but i soon saw that these books were way,way religious in their message, i was probably 11 when i read the first few, so i stopped. but they were pretty well written and engaging, if absurd. 

they really do try to make kids feel bad about not being christian in these books too, so i imagine a lot of churches and protestant groups pounced on these. i dont really know if it had a biblical basis, but i dont know much about most protestant groups, they're generally not that big in my part of australia.

I'm actually reading the first book in the left behind series now. Its a pretty interesting work of christian fiction, as they call it, but like you said too religious.

those books hahah!! i went to a protestant school and had to do a  book project on non fiction and the teacher gave me this book and i told her, "i dont believe in the rapture" and she gave me the bible and i said "nope"  

Sounds a little qwazy to me. One book series I would like to read is called the christ clone, where scientist try to clone jesus the premise seems interesting

Yeah.. well I'm the direct decedent of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, so top that!!!

IMHO Misty, that is the most apt possible analogy for the situation ever! To argue Jesus existed is like arguing Santa existed in that it's a conglomerate of quotes, deeds, and ideas that come from multiple sources in such a convoluted way to tear away the myth and legend is to lose the identity of the person who is Santa... Or Jesus. 


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