Ron Wyatt discovered the Ark of the covenant and from what I have been told the blod they found on the Ark was that of Jesus as DNA tests proved that the blood was that of his mother and the rest could not be proved to be human DNA so it must be the blood of God as God was Jesus father. I was also just informed that the same person discovered the Noah's Ark and that on the Anchor made of stone was carvings or crosses tghat simbolise the amount of people on the ARK Also Ron Wyatt. I was also told that no person evolved from an APE at least they did not as it was proved by Loyd Pely the gaps in human evolotion, That all scientific theories are constantly proven wrong, that for every scientist that belief in the nonsens I belief in their is a scientist or archologist that can prove them wrong. The bible is the only book to belief in as it is the only book that can not be proven wrong. I am an idiot and every single person on this blog is an idiot. So please any body that can shed some light on Ron Wyatt and his discoverys and on why I would be such an idiot

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I don't think they get it. My brain is fried as I spent 5 hours with the children that is writing geography tomorrow explaining weather charts and paterns , high and low presuares ect. And they spent the day looking at hog wash on youtube and believing the nonsens. I once again asked them to please go and look how DNA samples and blood work, as they found the blood of Jesus on the ark. and that it was tested. They don't even know how long a blood sample that has been exposed to elements, light and oxygen is viable for testing. And it is days and weeks not 2000 years. Some of the arguments I get here is for instance. A new form of carbon dating that is more accurate has been found. I would think wonderfull. They respond this just proofs that science does not know what it is doing they change things all the time to suit them.  My reasoning would be from look at the first phone to what we have today. The first phone worked it was over time improved to give uas what we have today through research and technology

What does the Ark of the Covenant have to do with proving or disproving anything about Jesus?

Was Jesus supposed to have bled on the Ark?  I'm no expert.... anyone?

From what mr. Wyatt stated is that he found Jesus blood on the ark of the covenant. The ark of the covenant was in a cave under the cross his was crusified on, there was an earthquake and some of his blood driped on to the ark. He took samples of this blood and it proved to be the blood of Jesus. The Archeologist Jonathan Grey went back to this site and confirmed the existens of the ark and the blood.  Now you have to take into acount that no pictures or proof was given by Wyatt as an Angel took his phone with the video on and put it in the stone wall in the cave and that it must be told that the Ark will only be revieled when God says it is time.  That not everybody can find the Ark as he was chosen by god to find it and see the ark. That not everybody can find this spesific cave as it only opened up to him. Now Jonathan Grey comes along and he can prove all of this as he saw it with his own eyes, I suppose he was also a chosen one :) but it can not be made public as it will cause a religious war. LOL Does anyone here smell the bullshit? or is it just me

And this all proves the finding were real, but that Israeli's do not have access to the internet, and have no way of learning this secret.  Is that the position?

Basicaly that they can not make it public as the goverment is preventing them from doing so. To me it is like proving Elvise is alive but they can not make it public because his fans wiil go mad. The reality is that if it was the truth the christian would have fought to make this public and to put the ark of the covenant on dispay as this will be the only thing that will prove that their Jesus did exist. The reality is that they don't have proof so they have to think up excuses why the public can not see this. LOAD of nonsens


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