Anyone here go to an online school?

Did you like it?

What was your experience?

How did you vet your school for an accreditation or reputation that was worth a damn?

I'm really looking into getting my Master's degree. I do plan to eventually get my doctorate as well. I've just always known I would. I am just....honestly not sure which direction to go in. They all look the same and yet all look different at the same time. Anyone else gone down this whole process?

Keep in mind I'm about to be a mother of 4 and am going to have to balance life.......foster parent/graduate student/career woman/supermom


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In the UK we have the Open University, which is first class, better than a regular university.  It's like a national institution. 

I'll write more when I'm on a real computer, but for the most part: Trust the .edu sites, and consider who you'll want to impress with your curiculum vitae, or whatever they/you call your credentials on (say) a resume or About menu on a website.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Purdue, Stanford, Berkeley, other high end name brands. Maybe go with an institution in your state.

Any ideas yet for your dissertation? Post Doc? Other research?

RE: Any ideas yet for your dissertation? Post Doc? Other research?

Yeah but if I tell you you might steal it, lol nah....Honestly it seems like my entire passion and life's.....focus is in the field of corrections. Both adult and juvenile justice. In particular I am interested in rehabilitating lives more effectively in this country. What I know to be true is that there are many barriers that stand in the way of true recovery and return to "normal" society. I think there are a number of ways this can happen, and my plan is to use my recently obtained background in sustainability to accomplish these goals. I believe if we use a sustainable approach towards reducing recidivism, as well as prevention and within our correctional institutions, our country's numbers of incarcerated individuals will shrink and so will recidivism rates, which is far too high and for quite frankly VERY ridiculous reasons.


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