The site is running an ad for Ted Cruz's presidential run. Either someone in his campaign step on their johnson or Mr. Cruz, courting the evangelical conservatives in the crowd, is down right desperate!

Wonder how this will go over in the debates? 

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I'll bet the ad provider(s) is drawn to all the religious words we use (but I'll bet you thought of that). I could see Cruz twisting it around to his favor, if anyone made a big, public deal about it. God, I hope he even wins the GOP! That would likely turn out awesome for the rest of us.

Someone on Huff Post said the same thing but I keep thinking of the old Eddie Murphy joke, about Jessie Jackson when he was suppose to run for president. Didn't have a snowballs chance in a "Volcano" but Eddie twisted it by saying: " know Jessie can win! Imagine a bunch of white guys go into the voting booth, pulling the handle, and going outside and high fiving each other saying, "We voted for Jessie Jackson as a goof". The next day they turn on the TV set look at each other and say, "He fucking won!?"....

But now you got me thinking; how can I get the word out that ol' Ted is advertising on an atheist website?

Take a screenshot and post it on reddit, it will snowball from there. Better yet, post it on 4chan, someone will post it on reddit and it will snowball from there.

This is funny. My ad blocker does a damn good job of keeping me free from Cruz Porn.

The general consensus seems to be that all atheists are liberal Democrats. I happen to be a conservative Republican atheist. I don't agree with all Republican views, and I wish that they weren't attached at the hip to Christians. However, I disagree with almost the entire liberal agenda. I find it amazing that nobody sees through the goals of the liberals. They ARE NOT looking out for poor people or minorities or whatever the group of the day happens to be. Liberals want POWER, and they will do and say ANYTHING to get power. Obama knows that if he can control healthcare, he controls people's lives. The same can be said for government handouts. Keep them needy; keep them greedy, and they will vote Democrat. It's not about bettering people's lives; it's about political power - nothing more.

Are there Republicans with similar agendas? HELL YEAH! But a true conservative wants very little from the government: less taxes, less regulation, take care of the infrastructure, national defense, be a watchdog for unsafe or dishonest business practices, protect us from danger, help those who truly cannot help themselves, and... that's about it.

Liberal/progressive systems have been tried and failed all over the world. Cradle-to-grave government support doesn't work because it creates enormous inefficient bloated bureaucracies, and eventually the government runs out of money. And when the inevitable cutbacks are made, people don't know how to deal with it because they've been dependent on government their whole lives. It's a self-perpetuating system - institute a program that is likely to fail, and when it does, a victim class is created; then be the hero to the rescue with yet another government program. All the while blaming the opposition because they didn't provide enough assistance to start with. Sadly, every liberal claims that their plan is somehow better than the failed ones of the past.

Hillary is barely getting started with her campaign, and she has already made it clear that her platform is based on equal compensation. The smart kid who worked hard, got good grades, stayed out of trouble, went to college, and got a good job is no more deserving of a good paycheck than the dropout flipping burgers. You go Hillary!!! She knows that there are more lower income people in the country, so all she is doing is playing the percentages. Does she truly care about them? HELL NO! She just wants their vote so she can keep political power. Ironically, she and Bubba are rich - they ARE the evil One-Percenters holding down the little guy.

I've gone on long enough, and I know that I haven't changed anybody's mind. Liberals, and especially liberal atheists, will not admit that liberalism is like a religion - all the facts, all the reason, and all the logic will not change their minds. Facts are ignored, history is ignored, logic and reason are discarded because it doesn't sync with the narrative. And in the end, it's the messenger who gets excoriated because that is all one can do when their argument lacks validity. Go ahead - let me have it.

Go ahead - let me have it.

It's just too easy to generalize between liberals and conservatives among atheists. I for one respect when a conservative can speak out here, and (as a believer in affirmative action) I don't want to pounce on you as the minority here. I like that you can speak your mind openly. I hate how two sides so easily characterize each other for building up walls between them. It's a human flaw, for sure.

I for one am happy to see this kind of polarization pushed by the likes of Cruz. There is a level of righteousness, arrogance, and hatefulness that motivates many people, but (fortunately) reduces one's credibility in a democracy... at least recently.

LOL So funny. Someone indignant about those who make sterotypes about their ideology...painting his own outrageous picture of some other ideology. Good grief.

I am not indignant nor am I stereotyping. I read many atheist blogs and forums and view YouTube videos as well, and I have observed a definite pattern: atheist who post on the Internet are, by and large, liberal. I find this odd since an atheist, in my opinion, is someone who has examined religion with an intelligent and logical point of view and has determined that religion is beyond the realm of believably. Liberalism, much the same as religion, is emotion-based. It's a good feeling to want to help everybody, but logic and history tells us that it doesn't work in reality. Therefore, it surprises me that so many logical, reasonable, intelligent thinking atheists are liberals.

You did exactly as I predicted: you didn't provide a counter argument; your statement was meant to demean me as a person and dismiss my views as extreme. Prove to me that liberalism works, without being insulting, and I will listen.

Liberalism, much the same as religion, is emotion-based.

As far as generalizations go, this one doesn't bother me, although I'd rather say "empathy-based". You surely can't be saying that Cruz-type appeals aren't emotion-based? Or other, angry but popular radio show hosts that are popular in every party. Most importantly (and most germane to this thread), Ted Cruz himself is a conservative, indignant stereotyper using emotion to demean liberals as immorally inferior and "illogical".


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