Does anyone else get very annoyed with the Tim Tebow overblown religious ties when they do well. He threw for 316 yds and all the Xians are referencing John 3:16 to it. With all the horror in the world...suffering, dying, etc. I think it is ridiculous for anyone to say that God had a hand in this.

How do you all deal with these pious Tebow Xians?

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And are we to assume no one on the other team prays as well?

Anyway, I deal with them by not watching football.

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

Tebow seriously needs to request a reduction in pay.

I would like to ask him does he give thanks to his god for his screw ups and losses as well as his successes.  

If you are willing to give credit to a god for success, then you should thank him for permitting you to lose.  After all, he must know best.  

These types have to realize that they are trivializing the god they profess to believe in.  How could their self proclaimed creator of the universe care one way or another if you throw a touchdown pass?

It just does not make sense.

unfortunately, that kind of logic doesn't work on them. otherwise, you'd be correct

F-!! TIM TEBOW!!! I have no respect for him. I hope the PATS destroy him. 

I wrote about it here.

and PS -

Can someone near him please make him read this/read this for him while he looks at it?

"How do you all deal with these pious Tebow Xians?"

-I wait.  I wait for the Pats to take care of him next weekend :)

So, the ball is in the medias' court.  Someone at FauxSports or CBS call him out on this.  Ask him what's going through his skull when he gets pick off, or sacked.  I'm betting the answer is something along the lines of " Well, god is testing me..."

I just don't understand the relationship between professional sports figures and jebus.

Is Tebow really stupid enough to believe that God interferes in football matches? Come on! Why would he believe God answered his prayers and not the prayers of everyone rooting for the other teams he plays? Does he believe he's special? (Queue up SNL's Church Lady music)

He will lose and or get a serious injury and people will say, "why was jesus not there to protect him?" They are so close to actually going one step further to saying, "jesus is not really real." 

or that it's a 'test of faith'

I respond, "I'm not an athlete so I am none of god's concern."


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