Take the Quiz - What do you really know about Iran?

Found on Alternet:

Super Surprising Facts About 'Our Enemy' Iran Remind Us That We Don...

I scored 20/26. I allowed myself a 20% error margin on questions about hard numbers and percentages - like military spending, etc.

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I admit I was a bit facetious here. Well, every pedagogue will tell you it's easier to educate people when you present knowledge as a game ;-)
I fly quite a bit and sat next to a Persian woman whom had spend her adult life in the US. She was suggesting that her last trip there was one of the nicest experiences she'd ever had. Told a story of walking into a restaurant that was full and 3 young men getting up to give them their table. She may have me convinced to have it on my short list of places to see.

It's too bad that crazy get's press time. Most Christians are pretty balanced but if you were to simply watch the news or TV preaching you'd think that they were all crazy, right?

Thanks for the test. I'm gonna see how much heat I get on FB for being Pro-Iran. I was recently Pro-China... should be fun!
I have had many talks with my Iranian sister-in-law. She and her father go to Iran once a year for family visits. The problem is the Iranian leadership...not the Iranian people. The "man/woman on the street" loves the US...for the most part. Many in the US would be shocked to find how much we have in common. It would be a big mistake to take any military action against them. They would rally around their leadership...look what we did after 9/11.
Agreed. Remove the theocrats and I wouldn't be surprised if Iran becomes the most secular society in the Muslim world.


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