"Tyler Brandt’s supervisor created and required him to wear a name tag labeled “GAYTARD” while he worked at a Taco John’s restaurant in Yankton, South Dakota. Tyler was intentionally humiliated in front of customers and coworkers to the point that he felt he had no option but to quit his job. No one should have to face slurs in their workplace – no boss should be allowed to label their employee with insults."

"This is why the ACLU is representing Tyler with his charge of discrimination against Taco John’s - but it's time they also apologize to Tyler and publicly speak out against discrimination and bullying in the workplace."

The petition seems worthy of a signature if anyone is so inclined. I'd like to see a media shitstorm come out of this so that companies like Taco John's either take these incidents seriously or take it on the chin.

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Hi there guys, that action taken by that supervisor is extreme discrimination against Tyler.


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