well...for first let me introduce myself (do mind that english isnt my 1st language) :D

i came from quite a liberal family due coz my parents had different religion tho in these past few years my mom converted into my dad's religion....well by converting, i mean starting to take lesson about it and stuffs tho she still sometimes do her religious activity.

I've told about my opinion about religion to my mother, tho she just stop after saying "you should get a religion to hold on" tho other hand my dad......usually keep me goin into religious activity once / couple times every year in which i attended just because i'm too lazy to engage in heated battle since i'm still depending on my parents for living (sux being jobless but its not like i'm not applying jobs...I just havent land any yet)

I was never being a spiritual kind of person since.....i have no idea since when....but the point is..i began to think and act as a common atheist in my highschool period (like 8-11 years ago)

And i've learned alot of the so called "religious people" who spread hate crime and violence even murder in the name of their religion (welcome to 3rd world country) and when the goverment/law enforcers holding themselves back against those criminals just because they are the majority (in religion statistically), i've just lost hope in ever to see a bright future of my country and it made me a bit happy just being....an atheist tho saddened as a fellow countrymen

note that i didnt become an atheist because of unfair treatment or family counter upbringing......i just started to ask stuffs to myself in which i tried to ask others or look for the answers myself and i found myself in the atheist spot later on.

guess thats about it, any much longer then i should just blog about it...lol

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