Bill Maher recently went on a rant about how stupid half of Americans are, as exemplified by their blind support of Donald Trump despite his long history of failure, fraud, bigotry, and now sexual deviancy.  What he failed to add was their belief in a magic man in the sky.

Almost no adult believes in Santa Claus.  Why not?  Because his exploits and abilities are too preposterous for a thinking person to even contemplate.  God, as a concept, is even more absurd and yet most Americans accept it as true.  So why the discrepancy?  Simple: if Santa Claus carried eternal life in his sack of toys, most Americans would believe in him, too; they will believe ANYTHING if it assuages their fear of death.  Sorry, people; you’re going to die and never again exist in any form.  Get over it!

I am an old man and I will likely die soon, which is not something I eagerly anticipate.  However, when I do expire, I want to leave this life proud of my courage to face it without sacrificing my evolved human ability to reason.

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But Keith it is in the nature of religion (with notable exceptions) to have the true believers proselytize, impose and inject. It is not until the secular influences water the institution and beliefs down that the cancer is not as forceful in replicating. 

Obama a Christian? I doubt it. In American politics you almost have to be Christian to win elections except in big cities where being Jewish can be OK. He's a faux Christian if you ask me.

After Death, we live on in the memories of others.

The energy contained within our mortal shell will live on in some form forever.

I am eternal.


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