Uh-oh! Now I've done it!

I'm not sure exactly what it is I've done, but it appears I've stepped in some serious do-do.

I think it must have been a comment I made to one of my fundamental friends on Facebook, who is always posting those cutsie little Bible verses.

I usually don't let it get to me, but she was really in top gear posting a whole bunch of real fire and brimstone stuff, railing off about 'sinners' and 'unbelievers', and she was getting a lot of 'Amen', 'God is great, 'Praise the Lord', and 'Thank you Jesus', comments, which seemed to be spurring her on.

Under normal circumstances, I'd have 'Unfriended' her a long time ago, but she's family, and, well, somehow, it just didn't seem right.

Anyway, all I did was quote a Bible verse, I think it was (Mat 7:1) 'Be not judges of others, and you will not be judged'. Now I'm getting bombarded with hate mail. It fills my message box, and it's even encroaching on my e-mail. How they got my e-mail address is anybody's guess.

I've been fulminated, railed, railed in, railed off, reviled, vilified and vituperated. I've been condemned and sentenced to rot in Hell, fry in Hell, burn in Hell, been invited to f**K off to Hell, and told to go back to Hell. (Well, at least, my coffee should stay warm). I've been threatened with stabbing, shooting, gutting, poisoning, death, disemboweling, dismemberment... and AIDS(?)

My crime? I'm guilty of persecuting Christians. News to me, but that's what I'm told.

Obviously, nobody's persecuting me, but, despite that, a lot of people are coming after me with knives drawn. Apparently, as a known spawn of Satan Atheist, I had no right to quote from the Bible. If I took this lot seriously, I'd be cowering under my bed right now.

Okay, so, who hates me so much?

Evidently, nobody hates me. Everyone loves me. Ostensibly,  this   comes straight from a cluster of peaceful, God-fearing, Loving, caring, Christians, who are only concerned about the welfare of my immortal soul, and they're just demonstrating their "Christian Love and Tolerance".

Strangely (even though they can't spell) most of them speak fluent profanity. Although the (repeated) use of the regular 4 letter words is the norm, some can get extremely creative with their expletives. Who could guess that such fine, upstanding, pillars of the community even knew such words, let alone used them... Bet their 'God' is really proud of them.

And you know what's so amazing? none of these poison-pen artists even know me. Some may be vaguely acquainted with me, but most I've never even heard of and are not on my friends list.

Go figure...

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Y'know, this is the second time,in as many days, that someone has said this to me, so let's accept that these 'Vitriolic Christians' are an embarrassment to moderate Christians (but there sure are a lot of them), And that there must also be some 'Vitriolic Atheists' out there. After all, nuts come in all shapes and flavors.

I'd be very interested to see some of these 'Vitriolic Atheist' rantings. Should be just as entertaining as the Christians. I've searched, and searched, I've Googled, Yahoo'd, and Bing'd, but I can't seem to find any ranting from 'Vitriolic Atheists' even remotely similar to those directed at me from their Christian counterparts. No condemnation (Unless you consider 'Get a Life!' condemnation), no profanity, no death threats.

Even after using various search parameters, all I've found was page after page of abuse, condemnation, curses, profanity, four-letter expletives and death threats directed at Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Gays, and even other Christians, by  'Vitriolic Christians'. (Apparantly, they hate Atheists even more than they hate Gay's). Also, page after page of unfounded accusations of "Vitriolic Atheist!" being generically hurled at Atheists who dared to post their opinions, or made comments rebutting the prevailing assertions, but I've found nothing similar from 'Vitriolic Atheists' to Christians.

Perhaps you could enlighten us, and post some links? Should be amusing, even if embarrassing.

Really, these Vitriolic extremists (on both sides) are not doing themselves, or their 'Cause' any favours. Apart from providing some amusement, they're just branding themselves as 'Steriotypical Haters'.

BTW Cool word that, 'Vitriolic':

Adjective: vitriolic.
1. Harsh or corrosive in tone.
2. Of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action.

Very apt... I like it.

Really? None?

I comment some online but mostly read. I have no proof of vitriolic atheists short of personal experience. I delete nasty emails.

One of my best friends is an atheist and we get along swimmingly but some of his friends can be awful resorting to personal attacks as opposed to reasonable discussion. Personal experience is the sum of my evidence.

It probably doesn't happen as often I would agree but you've never witnessed atheists being less than cordial? I think there is a good explanation why though, Christians tend to suffer from group think and confirmation bias which means they haven't done what the bible says and studied to show themselves approved to perform every good work ( or something like that). Often times atheist are reasonable people which is why non-belief is attractive anyways.

I certainly have been treated more hatefully by theists for my understanding of evolution etc.. I dread christian discussions in my life more than ones with my atheist friends.

Either way it's foolish to say that most Christians are hateful and most atheists are kind.

As you said crazy comes in all sorts of flavors.

People are dumb, religion does not make people mean, they were probably born that way.

Really! none. Maybe I was just (subconsciously) looking with a biased eye. Maybe you would have better luck. Care to give it a try?

Either way it's foolish to say that most Christians are hateful and most atheists are kind.

Agreed, there are kind Atheists just as there are kind Christians, and as Atheists we also have our fair share of assholes. Numerically, there may be more hateful Christians, than hateful Atheists, simply because there are more Christians than Atheists. I think it would be interesting to see what the statistical ratio is.

People are dumb, religion does not make people mean, they were probably born that way.

Again, agreed. If these guys were Atheists instead of Christians, they'd prob'ly be Atheist assholes.

You know I did try a little and it did prove difficult.

Although it doesn't change your mind it doesn't discount my personal experiences. I really don't know what the point would be considering we both admit that the world is full of all sorts of "assholes".

It is quite damning though lol

I started to get Christian hate mail and death threats even while I was a fundamentalist christian.  My crime was operating a website that allowed people from all points of view (as long as they were polite) to post their thoughts.

I quickly learned that christianity was not at all what I believed, and today my whole family and I are committed Atheists.

No joking around...report the death threats to the police. This stuff isn't harmless or horseplay. It's serious. Even if you we're trolling a firestorm (which you were'nt) ... death threats cross a clear and important line.

Death threats should be reported. Even if its your second cousin.

Davis, I appreciate your concern. Anywhere else in the world, and I would agree with you, but this is the arse end of Africa. Cops are a joke, the 'Rule of Law' doesn't exist. Murder, mayhem, and crime are the order of the day. We live behind high walls and electrified fences, with steel bars and anti-grenade mesh across our windows. Gunshots and sirens lull us to sleep at night. Trust me, it's not those who make threats that we need to worry about. Threatening someone is looked on as forewarning them, and, as they say, forewarned is forearmed. The real danger comes from the unexpected not from being forewarned.

As for my cousin, she's harmless, and she's not the one making threats, she just gets all, like, smug and says "I trust in God's word, not in your word", even if I'm quoting from the Bible.

Does this mean that you could post an entire copy of the bible and transform The Word into your tainted atheist Words...thus rendering your cousin without scripture?

Hmm... maybe... On the other hand, she'd prob'ly rejoice and proclaim "Halleluiah! You've seen the Light, you've been Saved!"

So you can double the voltage in your electric fence on command? ;)

I wish! It's already set to Max!

Often times what people call Gods word is what they have been told to believe. I often encounter the same problem with Christians. I have been told in the past " I don't care what the bible says I believe what I believe." Which to me is a terribly unchristian statement.

Confirmation bias is dangerous.


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