So, how long until Iran's theocracy nukes Israel?

We should come up with some sort of pool. We could all choose a month and year, and who ever ends up being right gets some sort of prize or title? I'm thinking it will be within 3 years.

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The problem is their leader who would execute anyone who raised objections if he decided to do something stupid. his potentially suicidal, brainwashed masses. Perhaps we can agree that in many cases such as Iran & NK, the best possibility of positive reform comes from within, and cannot be forced by external powers without possibly unforseeable consequences? E.g. inside agency such as their military, in particular. Ah... and then I read your last paragraph, below... ;)

He is in poor health, so the younger of his sisters—who functions effectively as his second-in-command—might take over. Hard to tell if that would make matters better or worse. 

N. Korea is one of the few countries in the world where the world would likely be safer after a military coup.

It's easy to laugh at this, especially from the perspective of oil running out. "Those do-do brains from yesteryear were so ignorant about how much oil we actually have today..." as the glaciers melt.

What an absurd premise.  Israel is what?  the 3rd- or 4th-ranked military power on Earth?  Two hundred nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, plus delivery systems?  Plus absolute devotion by the US of A?

The notion that Iran would attack Israel is utter balderdash.  Iran would be a patch of smoke and ash 24 hours later.  

A purely nonsensical conjecture.

Would it? Do you think the automatic response to a country sending a nuclear missile array to another, would be instant justification for sending a nuke array from the U.S.? Don't you think a bit of thought might go in to the idea that if firing nukes makes you a nuke target, the USA firing a nuke would paint a big bullseye across its lands?

If sending a nuke to another country is unacceptable, how would such a retaliation suddenly become legitimate?

That is the official position of the US, and is its military posture, especially with regard to Israel.  Israel pretty much controls US military policy in the ME. And remember, Israel is not signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Official position, eh? Then it's absolutely bound to happen, isn't it? What was I thinking!

I can only guess that you were thinking that an Iranian attempt to put a nuclear bomb on Israel would not result in overwhelming retaliation in kind by both the US and Israel.  In that respect, you would be in error.  While you're researching all this, check out "Ohio class nuclear submarines", how they are positioned globally, and what their standing orders are.


Comforting thought.

<Shrug>  We live in a fascist police-state that conceals its evil nature through the media and a deluge of propaganda.

Lest you knee-jerk react to "fascist police-state" ... yes, I know, you don't see the fangs of the rude beast very often.  But it's there.  Be happy you don't encounter it. 

I'm guessing you get more than the normal share of knee jerk reactions.


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