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Careful Emory, you will have the theists thinking we worship cthulhu!

I don't get it, Dr.Bob. Atheists don't believe that God intervenes in human events, Christians do (you know: "It's God's will," "I thank God that my team won," "I'll pray for you," etc.). This cartoon makes no sense at all.

I think it just saying that even though some things are obviously NOT the fault of religion, Atheists will claim it IS (in this case because of the WWJD and Alah Akbar bumper stickers.)

Of course the Christian is probably late to an appointment with his pastor...nyuck nyuck nyuck

Nice try Dr. Bob. Get a group of 100 atheists and ask them if some random car crash where one person survived was the result of religion ... and then get a group of 100 Christians and ask them if the survival of one person in a horrible car crash was a miracle and I would be you a gazillion bazillion ketrillion google dollars that (fill in the obvious blank).

If the cartoon was some random Muslim driver cutting off some random Christian driver on a hi-way and then some anti-theist said "Hey...that's religion for you" I guess this cartoon might be worth laughing at. But in any case I did laugh at this cartoon ... not because of the intended joke but because the cartoonist screwed up the cliché big time. Such ridonculous ignorance.

There is no such thing as Atheist logic. Atheists are those who reject the statement that God exists. That is all. Many atheists pay zero attention to religion nor make any judgements at all. The cartoonist meant "jaded anti-theist". When you're a smart ass cartoonist ... it makes you look a lot less moronic when you get the terminology right and label the clichés properly.

But the best part is that the Muslim is drunk and Christian's bad headlights had something to do with a day time accident. And of course the Christian car exists in a RED state, and then well we al know the Muslim car has to be foreign and blue.

No, an omnipotent God didn't prevent it, assuming religion is correct.

Anybody in the Dallas/Garland area attend the prophet Mohammed cartoon contest put on by the wacko American Freedom Defense Initiative?

As an aside, Texas and Florida are the two most "wacko" states, accounting for far more than their share of the weird news. Right now, you have this headline:

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover (reported by that crazy-ass news organization, NPR)

I don't think for a minute that the governor actually believes that the Federal government is going to subject Texas to martial law, but enough of his constituents believe it that, politically, he had to act.

Former Muslim wins Garland, Texas cartoon contest. Ain't life ironic.


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