In my opinion, a person should be able to charge for services that they can give away if they want. Who are they hurting? Two or more consenting adults make an arrangement that is between themselves.

Why is it that women and men for that matter, are still being  controlled by governments in the bedroom? Is the bible or religion running our societies? 

Who or what decided on things that are moral or immoral?

Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do..



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It's ok if it's given away?.. There's no law against that.

The act is ok... and who's to judge what's ok.. as long as $$$ not involved.

If the " immoral" act of charging for it were legal, there would be testing for STDS and people wouldn't be murdered in back alleys ... It's never going to go away... whether or not you or I "want it " 

And who said anything about a young girl?  I'm not talking minors.

The government needs to stop controlling consenting adults.

I'm agree with you Robin. While we all know prostitution is illegal, has anyone ever been given the reason? I think there are two problems with the legalization of prostitution (and drugs for that matter):

1) The government is controlled (perhaps a more appropriate word is funded) by the overflowing collection plates of the right-wing, ultra-conservative, uber-religious, and ignorant masses that cannot think for themselves... short version -- others trying to project their morality on the rest of the world.

2) I don't believe that the government (federal or state) has any clue how to control either legalized prostitution or legalized drugs. I say control, because if an when either are legalized it will be by the hands of the government, which will allow for the control and taxation of both.

With that being said, what better way to balance the budget?

I think I'm going to send and email to my representatives, I wonder if I'll get that same form letter response...

I forgot to mention the tax revenue..... Thank you!

And I couldn't have said it better... it's those religious nuts (Right winged, same thing)

running the country.

Yeah, there are some European countries were prostitutes pay taxes and can even get social and health insurance via their employer
"in my opinion your views for individual liberty and choice doesn't carry much weight. This is because those women who become prostitutes would most likely want to be doing something different. It isn't the life passion of any sane person to want to become a prostitute."
Well that would be up to the individual, maybe we should make waitressing illegal, I doubt many women aspire to be in that field. I'm talking about the right to choose. No one wants a women to be a prostitute, or to be a waitress for that matter... They might choose to go to school while making good $ and possibly could enjoy their job. Some women enjoy sex, and or being a sort of listener to men that have noone to talk to that won't judge them.
Do you know women who work in factories... Do they enjoy working there and making min. wage?
Please don't tell people what they would want or enjoy... It's up to them to make that decision.

I don't think that it shouldn't be regulated , on the contrary, it should be.. That's the point, right now people, not just women, do it in secret and suffer negative consequences..

It's legal to give it away.. Do I thinks it's ok then in the streets.?.. No, thats ridiculous.

Hi Michael.


Sorry - late to the debate but...


"but in reality it will spread disease and be a very unsafe environment for all parties involved."


Any evidence for that?


I attended the Westminster Skeptics in the Pub on the sex industry a couple of months back, and had all of my liberal (not so liberal it turned out) views on this subject completely turned round by an academic presentation, from a leading UK (female) academic in this area.


Simple deregulation was the proposal from those studying the industry, as the best means to make women in the sex industry safe.  There was an impromptu talk there as well from a woman who had worked as a prostitute to pay her way through college and she was intelligently damning of those nice middle class do-gooders who would tell her what to do in her best interests.


I came away convinced that the 'let's regulate' voices (for or against) were just more conservative control freakery.  And I understand that the evidence is pretty overwhelming: less regulation results in a much safer environment for the women involved.


That has to be a good thing.


But whatever the case: let's make our policy based on evidence, not idealogy.

Very good input.  Although I hope we can all agree that some types of regulation can be bad and others can be beneficial.  I don't believe you can make a blanket statement on the subject.


I 100% agree with you that all such policy should be based as heavily on evidence as is possible (let's face it, human behavior can be difficult to study).  I am a liberal so I would absolutely want as little regulation as is absolutely necessary.


What I'm suggesting is not acceptable are things like locations where women are kept against their will, are abused, etc - things that should already be illegal really but we are too busy arresting people for cannabis possession (and making profits at for-profit prisons where the very Judges who sentence people there own shares) to bother with.

It's not like prostitution doesn't exist in the US. It just happens in "escort agencies" an the like. At least semi-legally. Street prostitution and brothels aren't entirely dead.


What needs to be illegal is human trafficking and exploitation. While it's true that many women are forced into prostitution due to economic circumstances, that's where most of the abuse and problems come from. But if a city controls the establishment of legal brothels, it can make inspections to see if certain standards are kept.

"What needs to be illegal is human trafficking and exploitation. While it's true that many women are forced into prostitution due to economic circumstances, that's where most of the abuse and problems come from. But if a city controls the establishment of legal brothels, it can make inspections to see if certain standards are kept."


So legalized but regulated. And taxable, depending on local preferences. Too many victims (including juveniles) and other desperate/risky activity when it's underground.

I agree with you completely Robin. Two adults who both consent should be allowed to have sex for wathever reason they want. If its because their deeply in love, just for fun or for materialistic reasons should be no ones buisness but their own. And I certainly dont agree that a third party, stip club, must be involved either. As for std testing and protection, thats something all sexually active people need to consider.


The only reason I can think of to control prostitution is to make sure there isnt any force, violence or trafficing involved.


I also find it ironic that you are allowed to have sex for money as long as you film it and make a porn.


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