Should I stop bashing religion on facebook if asked by my karate instructor?

I am the lead student and assistant instructor at the local YMCA ( a community funded charitable health and wellness center). Recently I was asked by my instructor to take down a post I put up that made fun of Allah. He was concerned people might see it and there be a compliant or that it might give off the impression we are bigots. He said he saw the humor, the post was about a woman who found Allah in her potato but he still thought posting it was a bad idea and so asked me to remove it.

I removed it out of respect for him (we are really traditional) but still don't think I should have had to. He probably wouldn't have asked if we weren't at a community center but then again it's only facebook.

I am not sure what to do. Even if I keep my atheism off of facebook what is next... no blogs? or belonging to atheist websites? Where do I draw the line? I think I have a right to be who I am but political correctness and cultural sensitivity is really important for the karate school where we are and have no choice but be at the moment.

I would love some feedback on this cause I genuinely am not sure what to do next or how I should handle this in the future


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I agree that there is a difference between atheism and religion bashing. I think this is going to have to be something I will decide on a case by case basis
Do you really need to have your instructor as a facebook friend?  My position is different, but if a coworker or 'boss' didn't like what I had on facebook I would just suggest we not associate on facebook.  Work is work and my personal life is my own.  I don't know how this would apply in your situation though.
This is why i keep my FB profile uber private and use LinkedIn for anything that can be related to work. FB for friends, LinkedIn for biz.

I think it depends on how much you're willing to mix public with personal. I wouldn't want to offend anyone who's a potential client, unless I could afford to lose clients or goodwill and/or take the heat for it as a matter of making a public statement.

Maybe this is an easy position for me to take because I don't use facebook much in a public way.


Is it possible that your instructor is too cautious, maybe a bit patronizing. Muslims a plenty who'd laugh about pareidolia (potatoes are new to me, usually Allah hides in tomatoes or egg plants) or be mildly irritated at the gullibility of a fellow Muslim for being particularly stupid about something. Why not await the complaints first, answer them and only then accept to be pragmatically stifled.

  I think nobody has the right to tell you what and what not to post. Thats democracy. If u let your boss intervene on your personal life, whats next? as you said.

  Besides thats what we fight. The right to be outspoken on any matter specially religion. so f... ur Karate teacher.


Asking someone to do something does not "compromise fundamental freedoms". Nobody is taking away anybody's "rights" by requesting that they remove a facebook posting. A request between private individuals is not a gun to your head or handcuffs on your wrists or some kind of censorship. Why does everyone always start wailing about free speech when someone else's free speech disagrees with theirs?

 Indeed it does. How? I.D. case in Pennsylvania, They request to mention the controversy on 'The theory of evolution" and we know how that "request" ended. Threats to their life, and a long court case. The guy from Denmark who draw Mohammed. Muslims request the drawing to be taken away and an apology. How did that ends? Riots, guys getting stabbed and so on.

  I dont like Churches or big crosses, and big stars of Israel in front of buildings. What would happen if I request these guys to take away their symbols?Of course they would get offended and feel threathen, mostly if they are Orthodox Jews and in Ny they can take you handcuffed to the local precint by their own and private police officers.

    The point is if they feel offended by stupid posts or opinions, Why shouldn't we? Its time x us to fight back and get our rights respected.


p.s. sorry about my English its my 2nd language.



Its on my own personal page. I have decided to leave them up for now.
Thanks for the replies and thought everyone. I think next time I will keep it up and wait for complaints, it is just tricky because I have been studying the same traditional martial art under the same teacher for many years. I might just have to accept that my teacher doesn't like it because I don't think I should be afraid of being who I am because the religious might complain or get the wrong impression.
Don't stop!!

On atheist forums, I see this a lot (why do we as atheists get so much more crap when we express our opinoins than religious folks?). I think the reason may be most people view atheists as outlaws and fear society would collapse if they were to obtain too much power.


It does not help that a lot of athesits go around insulting the intelligence of religious folks (I'm guilty too sometimes) and this fuels their fear and aggression towards us.  


A suggestion is to say something nice about them along with when you say something bad about them. Soften the blow, you know?




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