Should Gays/Lesbians be able to have IVF? (In vitro fertilisation wiki link for more info) Why or why not? 

I am all for it. Although, the reason why I ask is because a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father. This drives me crazy! 

How would you address that response?

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See, that is exactly the point I was making!
"Loving Parents" > "Non-Caring Parents"
"Two Parental Figures" > "One Parental Figure"

Sex of the parental figures doesn't matter; and anyone saying otherwise is squeezing some prejudice into their view (most likely religiously motivated whether they realize it or not).

In many cultures (and more-so in our's a century ago) having more than two parental figures is common place with multiple generations living in a single household.

Plus there are some studies that even indicate children of same-sex parents are better adjusted.
And try this for a scenario... A single woman gets pregnant and for-whatever-reason the father won't be involved. To make life a little easier, she moves in with her mother, who for-whatever-reason happens to be single. So a household of mother and grandmother raising the child.

Would your friends object to this?

How much different is this than two female partners raising a child together?
Wow! I knew I was going to love this site! What a fantastic response! I'll be sure to bring that up.
Well, the mother and daughter probably aren't engaged in sweet, sweet sinful lesbian lovin'. That's the problem, you see.

But seriously, how many heterosexual parents are exposing their children to their love making? Why would a same-sex couple be any different?
Fuck if I know. I can only channel so much crazy.
In my experiences it's the children who accidentally expose themselves to the parent's love making.... thus scarring them for life.
Nice... can't believe I hadn't thought of that!

And then as for any marriage or domestic partnership (or single parent), the more friends and family of all types that can be in the picture, the better.
Another thought along this line... From my perspective, it seems that more (religiously motivated) people seem to object to same-sex couples adopting than same-sex couples seeking IVF.
I wouldn't say it's the norm, but many of the people I know in same-sex relationships tend to have one more masculine and one more feminine. I'm thinking that a child would still get the good and bad from their parents just as kids of straight couples do. And if a single parent can raise kids, then a co-parenting unit can too.


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