I just recently came across a video showing a group of hooded Muslims, or 'Sharia Police' walking around in area's taking alcohol of people and telling women to cover up. Some footage shows a cyclist after being in an accident and they blame it on the fact he isn't following the Muslim way of life. 

I think this is completely wrong and screwed up but I want to see your opinions.

And more so has anyone every heard of something like this even been attempted in the USA?

This is the link anyway: Muslim Police

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Don't think it is a fake. Read about this in the paper here in India today, plus read something similar - posters in muslim areas declaring them sharia zones in the UK, a few months ago. I think the two things might be connected.

Sorry, I should have clarified before that these are a vigilante group. They have no authority!  

There may not be any officially sanctioned Sharia Police, but if these guys are running around intimidating people into complying with Sharia, then they are de facto Sharia police--an alternative government has been created.  It will only be worse once they start collecting "taxes."

How did sharia law first get instituted where it holds sway now?  In many areas, a bunch of thugs began enforcing it, and ultimately there were enough muslims in the area that whatever the "official" government was, it faded into irrelevance.  In other places it was through conquest.  This is conquest from within, if it is allowed to proceed unchecked.

The legitimate government has to put a stop to this, or it ceases to be the government in those areas.

I read that Muslims in England outnumber Jews, Hindus and all other minority groups put together. Plus they are supposed to be breeding  faster than any group. If this is true then an imposition of Sharia may come sooner rather than later.  

Don't think that's true, Logicallunatic.  Wiki has a breakdown here.

I like the way you say UK 'religion' families, naming them first as British, and secondly as a religious subset.  That, for me, is very definitive.

My mum was from a ten-sibling family.  My father's mother died very young so there were only three of them, but his father was one of seven siblings.  It was at my dad's insistence that I "only" have two siblings, I think my mum would have liked armfuls of us too.

I have some really good Muslim friends.  I also have some very close Hindu friends, and several Jewish friends too. I also have a whole lot of 'nones' as friends.  Probably a few Christians amongst the people I know, but they don't make much of a show of it so I'd be guessing - and I wouldn't have a clue as to their denomination.  They are all Brits, however, that is what they (and I) have in common. 

Certainly family size is pretty standard between the different religions, not least because contraception is freely available to everyone.  The pill became available during the 1960's in Europe, and that may explain why families are smaller nowadays.

Sorry Logicallunatic but "breeding" is a term I reserve (and I believe is fairly commonly reserved) for controlling the genetic traits of animal off-spring.  To use the term for human families is dehumanising at least but I would consider it conflagratory.

Aw come down off your PC high horse would you please. It's just a word which can apply to any group, race or religion. And no, my source wasn't the BNP, a racist group that I despise. Why would you automatically assume that? Do you think anyone who uses the word 'breeding' in a context other than genetics is getting their sources from the BNP? Try to take a deep breath and think in future before you jump to false conclusions. 

Why has PC become a perjorative term?  I'm not overly PC but if you are going to discuss something you should realise that some terms are offensive and others not. 

Some minority people take real offense and some use anything they can misinterpret as an offense as a way to tease and/or embarrass the more empowered.

I remember when the word "niggardly" caused a big flap. The word means stingy as in "He's stingy when it comes to donation to charities." Unfortunately, it resembles an offensive word.

No one should use words like "nigger," "queer" (when referring to a person), "kike," "spic," or "cracker" (when referring to a person) except in a direct quotation or bracketed by quotation marks for an instructive or academic purpose. Well, blacks have claimed the word "nigger" for their own as have gays with the word "queer."

I think any sensitive person can see how misuse of those words can offend. Also, certain stereotypes can offend ("White men can't jump," "Black folks like watermelon," etc.),

At the same time, there is a reason why political correctness has gotten a bad name. Just click on this link for 10 examples of ridiculous applications of political correctness.

Of course one shouldn't intentionally offend, but perhaps one shouldn't take offense at what was unintentional if the taking of offense is just a pretext to create mischief. Sometimes people do intend offense and of course they should be called on it.

Yes I have read about this recently from my Ex Muslim forum. Its very stupid and these idiots should be arrested for harassing people. There is a Youtube video however it has been removed.

The people who are being harassed needs to call the Police and report them.

Go to Guantanamo Bay, go directly to Guantanamo Bay do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

To the tune of Maria, the song from West Side Story.

Sharia, I just met a law named Sharia
And suddenly that word
Is so much like a turd
To me.


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