So, i was sitting in my psychology class earlier today and we are learning about reseach methods and all that fun stuff. My teacher went on to explain how when a researcher comes up with a theory based on their idea, it goes through rigorous testing for reliability and validity. The peer researchers take the theory and try their best to prove it wrong, if they can't, the theory has to be right, because it can't be proven wrong. When a theory turns out to be wrong, it is scrapped, such as that of how the Earth was once considered flat but know we know its a sphere/ball/round, whatever term you want to use. So this got me thinking, why is it so difficult for theists to accept the Theory of Evolution over religion and its ideas. If theists disbelieve the big bang theory and evolution, claiming that its wrong, even with the continuous testing on the theory, why hasn;t it been scrapped then?

Why? because the theory is right.

We athiests are able to prove in hundreds of ways that there is no god or higher power or spiritual being, or whatever people call them these days, but they get offended by our theories when no one has formaly proven them wrong? I just don't get it...

I don't understand why people feel the need to make up a story about the wonderful world we live in. they say it was created for us and thas why its so beautiful. Evolution made it that way, it didnt just appear one day. Why would you ruin something so gorgeous with fictional stories about some guy who got bored one day and thought he'd try out the first version of sims...

If there was a god, i wouldnt accept his as my "master" or "lord" because no one is better than me, no one is of higher power than me, and i am above no one else. My life is how it is, i make it how it is, not some hippie in the sky,,,


Sorry for the rant, i just needed to vent. feel free to discuss any of my points


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I made a video about this a few years ago. Enjoy


Yeah it is certainly time to start making new ones! :]

I don't think its up to atheists to prove that there isn't a god or gods.  The onus is on those who say there is/are.

Believers fail in that they can only give analogy or personal experience, neither of which can be tested or repeated, like a scientific theory can be. 

It's great just how many atheists feel the need to go into this kinda rant. Theist's anti-logic sentiment just boggles the mind so much. I was in a book store a few months ago in the science section. It is kinda sad that since the aggression of the religious fanatics in the last decade, a book store the size of a small warehouse has had it's science section go from spanning 1/3rd of the store with many subsections down to a single bookshelf. I found myself at the cramped book shelf next to one other person, and older gentleman. He started off on a similar rant and assumed quite accurately that I am an atheist. It is really sad when reflecting that in a population in which we amount to less than 1/8th, you can correctly assume that if a person is interested in anything that can liberally be called a science, that they are an atheist.

They only times I've ever had anyone whisper when they ask me about my affiliation are 1) at work; in which case it's more a matter of not knowing who the nearest religious fanatic is, or 2) when dealing with a closed group of more even more closed minded individuals. In the US, no one really expects you to pick a denomination. You could even say you're a Buddhist and that would be the end of it, but if you happen to say you are an atheist, a portion of the people you encounter will take it as a personal attack on their religion. Like you are either christian, another religion, or anti-christian; no simply being an atheist.

It feels good to vent. 

To me, the burden of evidence belongs to the party that has something to prove, not disprove. Ryan is right, it's not really our place to try to disprove God's existence.

To a theist, you will never be able to prove to them that God doesn't exist. Ever. Even after the incredible discoveries we have made in the past few decades, religion will always persist. People will either just shut themselves out, or give God the credit. I have actually met several people who believe that the Big Bang, evolution, etc. were all God's work in making the world happen.

Really though, while that's a very cop-out answer to keep religion alive, the whole religion thing really takes out the majesty of the universe to me. I have to agree with you, life is just so much more miraculous and awe inspiring when you take out the idea intelligent design.

I'm from the infamous Bible Belt (Georgia specifically) so I can empathize with you somewhat. Religious persecution can be very very hard to escape in the south, though I don't know if it's as extreme as it is in Ireland.

@DrinFace. How about the ludicrous and in my view quite ominous 2009 blasphemy law of the Republic of Ireland, enacted without the permission of the people. No doubt this was weaselled in to appease certain minority groups such as the growing Muslim population. 


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