Sam Harris's devastating takedown of Trump and why, despite her faults, you must vote for Clinton

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Is it just me?  I don't have the video.  I love listening to Sam Harris!

There is no video action during the clip. It is basically an audio clip with a picture of Harriss's face. Is that your problem.

On this, Unseen, I agree with you. Thanks for the clip.

Link worked for me Diane. Just google Sam Harris roasts Trump again for fourteen minutes. It is a fun listen.

Not that I disagree with anything substantive here but Harris is so wrong in saying ...quote was something like...almost no one ever comments how empty of content which is to say empty of thought...I have been saying that over and over and I am in no way alone in that estimate.

Also while he does not get Trump's voice he gets his cadence. Further, it is funny that Harris uses word, disastrous. A good gambling for nutty asses who get together to watch a debate is the over/under of Trump using DISASTER.

I think the majority of people hereon TA are anti-Trump even if we are not all pro-Clinton. While I am not a US citizen, I have been anti-Trump from the beginning. I did predict that as voting day (and it is not Nov. 28th!!) approached he would move towards the centre but that has not happened. Politics are even more polarized now that when President Obama was elected.

I disagree with the term “Reality TV”. It has nothing to do with the “real world”.  Those shows are entirely contrived by marketing departments and reported upon by spin doctors whose main concern is in generating click bait advertising rather than generating any proper discussion on anything substantive. I often hear people discussing these shows during coffee breaks as if they are a mirror of everyday reality. They are not. These shows are an alternative reality that passes when the credits roll.

During the debate Clinton mentioned that Trump “lives in an alternative reality”. She was almost apologetic about saying so. I think she should have been more forceful. But why is it that so many others have not been able to see that he has nothing to offer. He is not even worthy of being called an alternative choice.  He lives in his own reality where he has little or no understanding of “real world” politics. He has no tact or diplomatic skills. He has nothing to bring to the table. He would be a disaster for America.

I find it difficult to explain why he is still getting support, especially from Evangelicals who just think that because he apologised that all is forgiven which is a very vulgar Christian sentiment. It is as if everything Trump said about Mexicans, Muslims, Iraq, women etc. over the last 15 months was somehow acceptable but what he said ten years ago is going too far??  

So it happened. Trump is still standing. Shit happens. Don’t be caught standing in it after the election.He is disliked everywhere. Don’t have him sliming all over you. Vote for Clinton even if you hate her or what she represents. It is not enough to not vote.  Her worst day on the job will be far superior to any day Trump would ever have.

And there it is again...DISASTER...which may be his lasting legacy in increasing its usage among bout all of us...also not sure if anybody else has noticed but he dropped one of his favorite pet words...ELEGANT which he misused.

I can see it on my phone - I think I've listened to it already. Ad block must have messed me up at home. Thanks though!

The most frightening and discouraging thing about Trump’s candidacy is that millions of Americans KNOW exactly how awful he is but want to vote for him anyway because, deep down, they HATE this country for not giving them all the things they think they deserve, and they’re willing to roll the dice to see if Trump could or would provide those things. But the truth is, he couldn’t and wouldn’t.

Ya really think so?

Or is it that he is a reflection of the LCD, in terms of values which include sexism, racism, xenophobia and scapegoating?

I like Sam Harris when he says that he'd actually prefer some random citizen given the presidency out of the blue to Trump, because he believes the average person is more likely to be impressed by the grandeur of the presidency and treat it with respect and, most importantly, rely on the counsel and wisdom of advisers, whereas Trump would just obey his "gut." Given that Trump sees no need for boning up on anything and is a sucker for the most ridiculous and far out conspiracy theories, that's a frightening idea

I am a major supporter for sortition playing a notable role in politics. Experiments for creating committed in Canada via sortition showed interesting results.

I love the phrase "rhyme of ignorance".  Mr. Harris certainly makes a strong case for electing anybody else but the Donald. I wonder if Trump supporters are likely to be listening to Sam Harris' podcast, however. I wish they would, but it seems unlikely. I hope I'm wrong, and these words make it to some of the brighter Trump supporters who could possibly be enlightened and set free from the group-think nonsense by which they have been led down a strange and dangerous path.

When as a child I saw pictures of piles of emaciated dead bodies at the Nazi death camps, I didn't understand how the regular people of Germany could allow this horror to happen. Sadly, I think I get it now.  I am not directly equating Trump with Hitler, but the similarities are obvious.  So sad.

On the other hand, I've got an 88 year-old, wheelchair-bound female patient, who says she is trying to figure out a way to get rid of Trump herself.  She said, "I'm old.  What do I have to lose?"  She lived in Manchester, England, and her best friend  was killed by German aircraft while the girls walked home from school. After she told me this, she shook her head and said, "Americans don't know what it's like to have a war going on in their own country. Trump could make that happen."

Scary times. 


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