Mr. Harris expounds on the failure of the media to respond to the atrocities of the recent events in Paris. He also speaks to the fallacy of saying that extremist have nothing to do with islam.

Why do we give the practitioners of this middle age religion a pass?

His point to freedom of speech not infringing on freedom of religion makes sense.

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Sometimes he can put his foot in it, but Harris often talks sense.

Most of what he says here makes sense and seems obvious to me. But I feel a need to fight back when he throws out the "false liberal" term, says that liberals are to blame by trying to take an inclusive approach.

Knee jerk responses like Iraq invasions make people feel righteous for while, and stoke the fire. Now what's to become the popular discourse again, besides blaming each other? We're going right back to the you're-with-us-or-against-us mentality.


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