If you have one or want to think up a few, here's an example on how this will go on:

Lets say in a hypothetical world the exists a God but no Scriptures are in existence, in this case this "God" would not be able to teach his teachings.
Now lets say there is a world where there exists Scriptures, but no God, this would not work either because of the simple fact of the falsehood of said scriptures.
Now to our world, If both of these things (God and Scripture) depends on the other in order for religion to be true, how can one proof the existence of one of these two things by using the other, because one of these two things cannot exist without the other. These two are actually one thing, so how can you prove this idea with proof of itself?

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I always get these weird thoughts when i shower.. and they sound alot better when im in the shower, once i get out i start to loose the idea i had ;o

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Sounds like you need one of these...

As for your question... Scripture alone, as we know it could never prove the existence of gods.

Theoretics and Hypotheticals... 1) A god could exist without scripture, if it manifested itself to people, consistently. 2) A scripture with precise predictions that include date, time, and details; and then came true, would be a very strong argument for proof. 3) A scripture handed to man (instead of written by man) in every possible language so there is no need for translation could be an argument for proof.

On a side thought... I once read a science fiction short story about a world where the gods ruled as judges, and the head-god released 'updates' to their laws and teachings as the need arose. It seems an odd idea at first, but think about it... Say maybe everyone in the whole world gets an email notification saying "The gods have released an update to the laws and scriptures, visit www.gods.com and click on the 'New Updates' link." You wouldn't need preachers spewing interpretations or politicians pushing laws with their own agenda. And between the updates and visibility of the judges you wouldn't question their existence.

I suppose it all comes down to proof, actual tangible evidence; not faith or perceived proof.


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