Questions from an old member who hasn't been around in quite awhile...

Hey Folks,

I've been a member here for quite some time, but due to numerous unforeseen circumstances and issues in my life I've not been able to participate here like I used to. I saw that TA is going away and is moving to AtheistZone. I also noticed that the person that seems to be in charge of this - and apparently TA as a whole - is no longer Morgan. What happened to Morgan? Is he no longer involved with TA at all?

Any info you can provide me would be really appreciated.


--Rocky, aka LotusGeek.

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Morgan sold the site and no longer active on this site.

Hi Rocky Oliver - Morgan sold the site due to new work commitments he had. You look different :-)

Ahhh, OK. Thanks for the info! Glad to see the effort to keep the community going. Bummer to see Morgan is gone, though.



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