She insulted my apartment so I knocked her flat.

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How does Moses make his coffee?

Hebrews it.

What happened when Moses went to Mount Olive?

Popeye knocked him out!

A dyslexic priest walks into a bra...

A priest, a rabbi, and a fronkey walk into a bar...

Whats white, sticky and moves across the sky at a thousand miles an hour?

The coming of our Lord

Pilot: We're going down!

Scout Leader: There aren't enough parachutes, we must give them to the children!

Lawyer: Fuck the children!

Priest: Do you think there's time?

Why can't Jesus play hockey?

He keeps getting nailed against the boards.

His fans say that he's (Jesus) a great hockey player because he makes so many saves.

His detractors argue that all his saves are after the game they don't count.


And of course he never wins at sudden death!

A neutron walks into a church.

Priest: You can't be in here!

Neutron: But without me you have no mass.

Davis, was that a neutron who entered the church or a parishoner named Higgs?

A Buddhist walks up to a hotdog vendor and says "Make me one with everything"


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