I have been toying with the idea of promoting Think Atheist at my college for quite some time.  Just little ways, like perhaps a poster, or even a chalk drawing.


Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to get people attention without being flashy or gaudy?  

Are there any good posters in the Photos section of T/A?

Have you promoted T/A at your college/chosen public arena, and if so, how did you choose to do it?

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Hey Meghan! Watch this quick video for the street team in action on a college campus.

Flashy is good. Flashy is synonymous for eye catching. I can agree with not making it gaudy though. I think making a poster is a good idea, just make sure it's actually interesting. I don't know what kind of college you go to, but I'm sure it has an art department that may want to help.
I am an advocate at a community college for many things. I have worked with our student government as the Vice President as well as a member of our Human Rights Club. There are so many people out there that want to be a part of something at school but they have to find something. I would suggest listening around for a teacher that can act as an adviser to a club and maybe start your own club for Free Thinkers or something of that sort. Once established you should be able to advertise for club meetings and start hosting events. Never underestimate the power of numbers!
Here you go, post this up.


I love it. It reminds of a text I read from TFLN (Texts From Last Night) It says:


"Just got kicked out of Barnes & Noble for placing all the Bibles in the fiction section"

I wish there was a brochure or an 8x11 to print out that would intrigue people to check out TA.  Not outright offend, but get people thinking.  I'd take those to campus and hang them up on the bulletin boards.
Hey, thanks!  I'm on it...
This is AWESOME!  Any more like this??
Love it!

I want to post this on the bulletin board next to the "christian table" at my school


I swear to science they do nothing but argue with people. I want to go ask them if they ever actually have someone stop in the middle of a heated argument and say "You know what. You are right. I don't know what I'm thinking! Please, tell me how to ask Jesus into my heart. I want to be just like you!" But I don't want to start a convo. One of them chased me down trying to get my attention once and I just looked at him and said "Been there, done that. I'm over it."


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